Jill (Duggar) Dillard's Husband Derick Blogs: 'The Birth of Our Son Is Near'

"I can't even describe right now the anticipation I am feeling," wrote Derick

Photo: TLC

Derick Dillard is more ready than ever for the impending birth of his first child with wife Jill – so ready, in fact, that a blog post he wrote set the Internet on fire with speculation that the labor was underway.

On Thursday, 19 Kids and Counting star Derick, 26, reflected on Jill’s any-day-now labor with a post on the Dillard family website.

“I can’t even describe right now the anticipation I am feeling, as I am about to get to meet my firstborn son for the first time face to face,” wrote Derick. “So many people have already testified that nothing can quite describe that moment and that I’ll just have to experience it for myself.

“When I look around, I can see new life everywhere. The trees are budding, which means summer is near. My wife, Jill, is beginning to have contractions which means that the birth of our son is near,” Derick wrote about the Braxton Hicks contractions his wife has been experiencing.

Baby Dilly is certain to arrive past his original March 24 due date, but as Jill, 23, previously told PEOPLE, she was anticipating that the baby would come late given that she is a first-time mom.

The student midwife shared that it was “no big deal”: “The baby will come when the baby comes.”

That said, it still seems likely the baby will be born in advance of Sunday, which was the second due date she set for herself. As Jill posted on Instagram on Friday, she wrote that she “only [has] Braxton Hicks contractions so far,” but, “We shall see what the weekend brings!”

The arrival of Baby Dilly is being documented by 19 Kids cameras, and the birth special will air on TLC on May 5 in advance of Mother’s Day.

19 Kids and Counting airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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