'Do You Call This Immature?': 15 of Corinne's Most Memorable Quotes from 'The Bachelor'

"I don't know how to do chores"

Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, notorious Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios was just a glimmer in a producer’s eye. Now, she’s one of the franchise’s most notorious contestants — ever.

Complimenting her most outrageous moments, below are 15 of her most memorable lines.


1. On dealing with things that upset you.
“She better not steal my thunder or I will literally punch her in the face.”

2. On relationship milestones.
“Nick held my boobs today. Like, he held my boobs, okay? No one has ever held my boobs like that. No one ever will.”

3. On life’s tough tasks.
“I respect you for shoveling the poopie.”

4. On growing up in the Olympios household.
“I don’t know how to do chores.”


5. On how her breasts are a sign of her emotional intelligence.
“Do you call this immature?”

6. On how to interrupt with finesse.
“Can I borrow you, again?”

7. On her true self.
“I’m a good person. I’m not just saying that.”


8. On what scares her in life.
“The farm today was really scary for me.”

9. On family values.
“Today was just a dream come true. I stepped out of my comfort zone, many times and angles. Dad would be proud, even though I was naked.”

10. On her nanny, Raquel.
“I need to get Raquel ready for that. Raquel is my nanny. Raquel keeps my life together. She makes sure my bed is ready every morning.”


11. On great nappers.
“Sorry guys. I napped. Michael Jordan took naps, Abraham Lincoln took naps, and I’m in trouble for napping.”

12. On fellow contestant Taylor.
“She’s just a big, mean swamp monster.”

13. On her campaign slogan.
“Make America Corinne again!”

14. On what the show’s all about.
“I’m here for Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick. Nickelodeon.”


15. On the line that made Bachelor history.
“My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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