By Michelle Ward Trainor
April 26, 2016 01:47 PM
CinemaCon 2016 - Big Screen Achievement Awards - Arrivals
Credit: Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup

Zac Efron just added a new foodie project to his plate.

The actor is set to host and executive produce a cooking and travel documentary special for MTV, the network announced at its annual Upfront presentation.

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Using his experience as “an actor, traveller and food lover” Efron will “explore how food has moved to the center of millennial culture,” the network stated. “The project will look beyond the extravagant and obscure in food to explore the artistry, storytelling and journeys in what we eat, and the issues and experiences surrounding what we find on our plates.”

But don't expect the star to get too crazy in the kitchen. “It's not necessarily about the cuisine — like, ‘oh, I ate pig guts' or ‘wow, this is the best steak I've ever had.' It's more about the cultural impact of food for our audience,” MTV Network president Sean Atkins told Mashable. “He's really passionate about it. He's so excited about it.”

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Getting to flex his culinary muscle will probably be a nice change for Efron, who recently split with girlfriend Sami Miró after two years. The star has been busy filming and training for the upcoming Baywatch movie where his strict diet has included only organic grass feed/free range protein and organic leafy greens (no sugar or carbs) for nine straight days.