"She was the worst passenger I have ever seen on an airline and I fly quite a lot," a witness reportedly said.

Credit: Pascal Pavani/Getty

A woman on a recent TAP Portugal flight allegedly threw a fit when she was told they weren’t serving Pepsi on board.

A Spanish woman began screaming after she tried to order a Pepsi on board her flight from Lisbon, Portugal, to Malaga, Spain, but flight attendants told her they were only offering fruit juice as a mid-flight drink, according to interviews with unnamed passengers conducted by the Daily Mail.

TAP Portugal did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

“She was getting out of her seat. Her face was bright red,” a witness told the outlet. “Her hands had turned into claws. She looked like a demon. She was the worst passenger I have ever seen on an airline and I fly quite a lot.”

People on board also reportedly told the outlet that the unnamed passenger was unruly when she first got on the plane. Other passengers claim she was the last one to board and they noticed her from the start because as when she was trying to get to her seat, she “fell backwards onto another passenger,” DM reports.

“When we were lifting off she was kicking off about having to put her bag in the hold,” one witness told the newspaper. “Stewardesses were telling her you have to put it away, but she was like ‘no.’ [After initially communicating in Spanish] she started speaking English and said ‘I have my books, I have my jewelry, I have my money in there. I need my bag.'”

Many passengers reported that the woman was intoxicated, and began drinking out of a handheld flask once she sat down, and they believe she wanted the Pepsi so she could use it as a mixer.

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‘We were all like ‘why is she so insistent on that?’ but it turned out it was because she wanted to mix it,” one witness told the Daily Mail.

Passengers said that upon landing, the woman was met by law enforcement, which caused others on the plane to erupt into cheers.

“The captain came out, served her a note banning her from the airline and telling her she would be detained on arrival,” one flyer said. “She started screaming more. She was jibbering that her house was in Spain and that she was Spanish.”

One man complained about the airline, saying that they needed to be stricter in who they allowed to board.

“This lady was out of control,” he said. “She was drunk, she was aggressive, she was abusive, she was chucking food, she wanted her bag, she wasn’t taking any notice of airline safety procedures and she just got let on.”