Woman Gets Lifetime Ban from Disney World After Punching Employee Over FastPass Dispute

The woman also started pushing buttons on the employee's operating podium at the Tower of Terror, some of which "could affect the ride."

Tower of Terror
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A tourist reportedly punched a Disney World employee in the face after learning that her FastPass was invalid, the Orlando Sentinel repored.

Jessica Grines, 23, was waiting in line for Hollywood Studios’ popular Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride on July 13 when the incident occurred. According to the Miami Herald, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the Chicago woman became displeased and verbally aggressive about the situation, prompting Disney World employee Taylor Gragert to call security.

Grines started pushing buttons on the Tower of Terror podium, some of which “could affect the ride,” according to the report. When Gragert, 23, tried to stop her, the outraged tourist punched her in the face causing minor swelling around the eye.

Grines and her group fled the area but were picked up by security shortly after. Graget refused treatment for her eye and chose not to press charges, but Grines received a lifetime ban from Disney parks, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Disney did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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Disney’s FastPass system is available to all guests with a park ticket, and allows people to skip the line at popular rides by scheduling a designated window of time to return.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where the incident occurred, will also soon be home to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a new themed land that opens in late August (the Disneyland version opened earlier this summer.)

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