Two Southwest Planes Collide on Nashville Tarmac While Leaving the Gate

A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines confirmed to PEOPLE that no injuries were reported

Southwest Airlines. Photo: Getty

Two Southwest planes collided on the tarmac of Nashville International Airport on Saturday evening.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Southwest Airlines spokesperson Michelle Agnew said that “during pushback, the winglet of Southwest Flight 1555 with scheduled service between Nashville and St. Louis, came into contact with the winglet of Southwest Flight 4580 with scheduled service between Nashville and Atlanta.”

Agnew confirmed there were no reported injuries from the collision.

According to the Associated Press, a photo taken by a passenger aboard Flight 4580 headed to Atlanta showed the aftermath of the collision, with the top portion of Flight 1555’s fin broken off.

The image also showed rainy weather during the incident.

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Both aircrafts “returned to the gate under their own power and were taken out of service for Maintenance evaluation,” Agnew said.Each flight was transferred to a new aircraft, and continued service to their scheduled destinations.

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