The Trtl Pillow is only on sale for the next five hours
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Trtl Pillow
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You’ll be traveling well-rested thanks to Trtl Pillow’s major Prime Day sale! If you’re a frequent flyer, you’ve probably seen (and maybe even used) the cult-favorite Trtl Pillow. The world-famous travel pillow has become an Internet sensation, thanks in part to its unique design, which wraps around your neck like a scarf to give your head and neck support as you sleep upright. Its scientifically-proven neck support technology and super soft fleece material is why customers lover it most.

For a limited time, the brand is offering 33 percent off its best-selling Trtl Pillow that thousands of Amazon shoppers can’t stop raving about. Over 2,000 people have given the Trtl Pillow a five-star review, with some saying they can’t travel without it. (Trtl was also one of our 2019 Travel Award Winners.)

“I was never able to sleep on a plane until I got my Trtl. My first one was a gorgeous coral color. I left it on the seat when getting my bag down from the overhead on a flight back to North Carolina from Portland, OR. I was online within minutes of getting home to order a new one (my second one is red). I can’t live without my Trtl,” one customer wrote.


Buy It! Trtl Pillow, $19.99 (orig. $29.99);

The pillow’s uncanny design is unlike any other travel pillow, which has made some travelers hesitant to purchase it at first — but after testing, they said it was the best decision ever. “I was wary of the Trtl at first, but now I am so glad I bought this,” another shopper wrote. “I have absolutely no regrets! It is possibly the best purchase I have ever made for traveling. I can’t even imagine ever traveling without it again. THAT was how great this Trtl turned out to be!”

Last Prime Day, over 10,000 people bought this best-selling travel pillow — so it’s very likely it sell out this year, especially given that it’s now only $20! Prime members will also find the Trtl Pillow Plus and newly launched kids version, the Trtl Pillow Junior on sale, too.

Scroll down to shop the Trtl Pillows on you can snag on sale, and hurry because this lightning deal ends in just five hours.


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Trtl Pillow Junior, Kids Travel Pillow With Built In Neck Support on Amazon
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