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By Benjamin VanHoose
November 27, 2019 03:53 PM

The Savoy Hotel in London is building holiday cheer one brick at a time.

Passing the Christmas decoration reins along to The Lego Group, the five-star luxury hotel hopes to inspire creativity among its guests, along with a little seasonal wonders. Larger-than-life Lego sculptures will be placed throughout the building for travelers to marvel at.

The Savoy calls the playful new initiative Twelve Rebuilds of Christmas, reimagining the famous hotel with creations inspired by the classic carol. Some of the eclectic Lego brick builds include a dragon-shaped Christmas tree, a Santa motorcycle and a lion sipping tea.

“With their motto ‘Only the best is good enough’, The Lego Group is the perfect partner for us as we gear up to a festive season here at The Savoy that will delight and inspire both our grown-up and little guests alike,” Ian Kidd, hotel manager, said in a statement. “We’ve been blown away by the incredible creativity and passion brought to the table by the Lego brick designers.”

Credit: The Savoy

The stunning displays at The Savoy are part of a larger campaign from The Lego Group called Rebuild the World, which aims to stress the importance of creativity in all walks of life.

Credit: The Savoy
Credit: The Savoy

“This partnership is designed to inspire people of all ages to unleash their creativity and explore the limitlessness of their imagination through play,” Nicola Morgan-Hulme, senior brand relations manager at The Lego Group, said. “We hope that the Twelve Rebuilds of Christmas will truly inspire people to rebuild the importance of creativity this festive season.”

Some of the other displays throughout the hotel include a princess rocket castle, anthropomorphic carrots chasing a bunny rabbit, and an elephant firefighter hosing a fireplace with its trunk in preparation for Santa’s entrance down the chimney.

Twelve Rebuilds of Christmas is also in conjunction with The Lego Group’s pledge to donate toys to children in need this holiday season.

At the hotel and participating Lego stores, visitors can build their own unique ornament to put on display, and for each made, the company will donate a Lego set to children and families in difficult circumstances this Christmas, including those in hospitals and underserved communities.