By People Staff
May 10, 2016 05:21 PM

Not only is Game of Thrones an epic fantasy series, it’s also a bit of a history lesson.

The hit HBO show, now in its sixth season, is known for being as brutal as it is beautiful. And, it turns out that those picturesque places are real life locations you can actually visit.

Before you start packing your bags, check out PEOPLE’s ultimate travel guide video. In the clip, historic cities — like the walled “Old Town” in Dubrovnik, Croatia (the site of GoT‘s King’s Landing) are like a trip back in time. While there visit the Lovjijenac Fortress and the Minceta Tower, which served as the House of the Undying. From there, take a boat 600 meters over to Lokrum Island where you’ll see “The Greatest City that Ever Was or Will Be.”

Is Spain more your speed? The show’s Water Palaces of Dorne is really Alcázar of Seville, a royal palace originally constructed by Moorish Muslin kings. Also, in Seville, the Osuna bull ring, the site of Daznak’s Pit, the largest fighting pit in Meereen.

Morocco, more specifically the gorgeous seaport city of Essaouria, is home to GoT‘s Slaver’s Bay of Astapor. Pentos, the biggest of the Free Cities and Yunkai, a city also in Slaver’s Bay were both filmed at Aït Benhaddou, a fortified town just soothes of Marrakech.

The show has also spawned countless tours across countries where the series has filmed. Check out five guided trips that will take you into the heart of Westeros.

1. The “Beyond the Wall” 5-day/4-night excursion includes a tour around the Lake Mývatn area, where you’ll visit the imposing ice Wall and Jon Snow and Ygritte’s love cave. $700 and up;

2. Based in the capital of Reykjavik, you’ll see the area’s natural beauty from the majestic views and waterfalls to the stomping grounds of the White Walkers on this 8-hour tour. Starting at $80;

3. This day tour takes you through the picturesque city of Split—including a stop inside Daenerys’s throne room. $137;

4. Depart from Belfast for a day trek around the castles, cliffs and forests of mythical Winterfell and the Iron Islands. $41 and up;

5. This group or private tour will take you by bus to Westeros or Winterfell where you will visit Cushendun Caves, which where Melisandre giving birth to the shadow assassin. $28 and up;