Famous Homes from Movies and TV You Can Rent on Airbnb — From 'The Bachelorette' to 'Stranger Things'

Airbnb like an A-lister! These properties have been featured in everything from The Bachelorette to Stranger Things — and you can rent them even without a movie-star budget

Byers House - Strangers Things
Photo: Netflix
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'A Christmas Story' House

Christmas Story House
Courtesy of A Christmas Story House & Museum

Before it hit the market in November, the iconic house from A Christmas Story was available for short-term stays through the venue's website. Located near downtown Cleveland, fans of the beloved holiday film could book a getaway at the Christmas Story House or in the Parker's neighbor's house, The Bumpus House, starting at $545 a night.

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The 'Little People, Big World' House

Matt Roloff farmhouse airbnb
Matt Roloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is transforming his family's famous "big house" into an Airbnb-style retreat! After initially putting a portion of Roloff Farms on the market in May, the reality star decided it would serve better as a short-term rental instead.

"I have decided to pull the small farm off the open market and partner with @itrip_vacations and open the @rolofffarms to everyone and anyone who wants to spend a few nights in the Roloff family home," he wrote in an Instagram post in October.

Cost for bookings will depend on demand and season he said, adding that "more information will be forthcoming soon."

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'The Godfather' Mansion

The Godfather - Airbnb House
Exterior of home used in The Godfather. Marc McAndrews

In August 2022, fans had the opportunity to stay in the famous Staten Island house used for several exterior shots in The Godfather thanks to Airbnb. The listing came with very specific terms, as fans had to book the stay for 30 days (from August 1-31) at $50 per night.

"During your stay, guests will have private access to the grandeur of our mansion, including five bedrooms and seven bathrooms that are most suitable for two adults and three children," according to the listing description. "We also have plenty of activities and amenities onsite, including a large saltwater pool, a pub in the basement, a game room, and a gym."

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TThe Byers' House from 'Stranger Things'

Byers House - Strangers Things

You may not be able to sleep over, but fans of Stranger Things may soon be able to step inside the home of Will, Jonathan and Joyce Byers. The house hit the market in September and reportedly sold to a buyer with plans to transform it into a "Halloween walk-through," according to Insider. The new owner reportedly intends to recreate the house "from the inside out," just as it appears in the hit series.

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Dorinda Medley's Real Housewives Retreat

Dorinda Medley
courtesy airbnb

The Berkshires estate known as Blue Stone Manor, where Real Housewives of New York star Dorinda Medley hosted many notorious get-togethers for the cast before she departed the show in 2020, was available to rent for two nights in late August.

"Blue Stone Manor has become this urban legend, that's sort of like the Disneyland of Housewives," Medley told PEOPLE. "People know me for hosting, and I've made it so available on Instagram and on the show, so I think they're going to be very excited to see that it's real and functioning."

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The Cobra Kai Mansion

Cobra Kai Mansion
Chad Carrodus/instagram

The Atlanta-area home that serves as the setting for Daniel LaRusso's (played by Ralph Macchio) Encino-area home and dojo has just been sold to a new owner who plans to turn it into an Airbnb.

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The Kardashians' Tahoe Retreat

Kardashian's Lake Tahoe Vrbo Home

This $6,000-per-night, 17,000-square foot estate in Lake Tahoe, Calif. is the perfect backdrop for a made-for-TV friends or family getaway, But you don't have to take our word for it: The Vrbo listing has been the setting for episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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The Bachelor Mansion

Villa de Vina Bachelor
Skott Snider Photography

For about $6,000 a night, you can dramatically wander the halls of Villa de la Vina, the seven-bedroom, 10,000-square-foot Malibu mansion that hosts season after season of Bachelor contestants. For maximum effect, hide all your devices and stock the fridge with wine; sadly, Chris Harrison will not be there to hose down the driveway for your arrival.

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The Fresh Prince Mansion

Fresh Prince House
Courtesy Airbnb

It wasn't exactly moving in with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air, but in October, fans got the next best thing: a chance to be hosted by the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith, at the mansion that served as the posh pad where Will crashed on the '90s sitcom. In honor of she show's 30th anniversary, fans could book a stay on for just $30/night - and enjoy perks including new Air Jordans and a virtual welcome from DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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Harry Potter's Childhood Home

Harry Potter Airbnb
Courtesy De Vere House

The charming Lavenham, England-based home that served as the setting for where Harry lived with parents James and Lily - before that fateful encounter with Voldemort - serves up vacation magic by renting out its two bedrooms for renting out its two bedrooms for $196/night96/night. Enjoy a full English breakfast before heading out to explore the medieval village, which served as the setting for Godric's Hollow in the films.

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Hannah B's Windmill Fantasy Suite

Hannah Brown Peter Bachelorette
ABC; Inset: John Fleenor/ABC

This one-bed, one-bath "Rustic Traditional Windmill" in Greece is the site of Hannah Brown's epic hookup with Pilot Pete on Season 15 of The Bachelorette and it can be yours for just $71 a night. "Great experience staying at Giorgos and Athina's windmill!" one online reviewer wrote of the windmill lodge, located in Nikithianos on the island of Crete. "We loved the place, a traditional windmill nicely renovated above an olive tree valley, with an amazing view!"

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Tony Stark's Cabin


Just because you aren't a superhero doesn't mean you can't live like one. This lakeside cabin is where Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) brings his daughter to escape earth-shattering drama. And, spoiler alert: it's also where Stark's funeral was held. Fans can rent the Fairburn, Georgia, home for $800 a night.

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An Actual Fixer Upper

Matthew Matsumoto; Inset: Rob Kim/Getty

Want to experience the joys of Chip and Joanna Gaines' carefully-selected shiplap and sliding barn doors but don't have plans to move to Waco? You can experience the Fixer Upper mystique by renting the house they renovated on the show's season 4 finale for $450 a night. And, appropriately for a home with the Gaines' signature touches, this AirBNB offers plenty of family-friendly amenities.

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Bella Swan's Family Home from Twilight

Twilight House
Air B&B

Charlie and Bella Swan's Pacific Northwest home from the Twilight movies is listed at $330 per night. Fall in true love with this a five-bedroom, two-bathroom charmer located in Saint Helens, Oregon. Superfans will be delighted to find that the former owner of the 1930's style home chose to keep the Twilight set designs when filming wrapped — so yes, the green kitchen cabinets are still intact!

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A Breaking Bad Getaway

Breaking Bad air bnb

It might not have the, um, lived-in vibe of Walter White's trailer, but the owners of this Albuquerque-based AirBNB, which was featured in season 5, episode 3 of the show, want to make sure you get the next best thing. That's why they've outfitted their 4-bedroom apartment (available for available for $99/night26/night) with Hazmat suits, Breaking Bad-themed artwork and convenient information about driving distances to the show's other iconic locales.

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The Spice World Bus

Bus used in Spice Girls movie on display at the Island Harbour Marina, Isle of Wight - 17 Aug 2014
Original Spice Bus used in the movie. Richard Kaminski/REX

If you wanna be a Spice Girl, you better round up your friends - and book a stay in the double decker Union Jack bus featured in the 1997 film starring the '90s girl group (starting at starting at $162/night). But be prepared for slightly less-than-pop-star-esque accomodations: Since the bus is original, the bathrooms are located off-site.

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Downton Abbey's Highclere Castle

Downton Abbey house on Airbnb

The fictional home to generations of the Crawley family was available inhabit for one night only if you were first to book - and at the very un-royal price of $149/night, the winner could save the rest of their cash for renting gowns and jewels for the most epic slumber party ever.

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Shakespeare in Love's Love Scene Site

Shakespeare in Love

This historic Suffolk, U.K. property boasts beautiful restorations, but the guest room — where Gwyneth Paltrow stayed in 1998's Shakespeare in Love — still features medieval furniture and raw, 18th-century plaster walls. The two-bed, one-bath cottage was priced at just $79 a night but has since been delisted.

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