Interactive 'Stranger Things' Stores Pop Up in New York and Los Angeles: Get a First Look Inside!

The two stores feature exclusive merchandise, immersive scenes and photo spots for fans

stranger things store
Photo: netflix

Two new portals to the Upside Down have just been opened in New York and Los Angeles.

Netflix has launched a pair of Stranger Things-themed interactive shopping pop-ups and PEOPLE got a first look at the fully immersive experiences.

The two stores, located in Times Square in NYC and The Americana at Brand in L.A., are much more than a chance to stock up on swag. They incorporate recreated sets, installations and challenges for fans to engage with — and plenty of photo opps.

A preview of the New York store on Tuesday began with a trip through a glowing red entrance evoking the show's famous opening credits and transporting visitors into several of the series' most famous scenes.

stranger things store

There's the Byers family living room, complete with Joyce's alphabet and string lights spelling out "RUN", and a rotary phone where visitors can hear a spooky, scrambled message from her son Will. Beyond that, guests will find the Palace arcade, where they can play classic games; Hawkins High decked out for the Snow Ball, the Russian lab, and of course Starcourt Mall.

All the spaces are stocked with merch from the show — from clothing to themed board games — some of which is exclusive to these stores, as well as iconic products from the 1980s, like Big League Chew and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.

stranger things stores

In addition to the opportunity to scoop up some unique swag, the stores also offer several interactive components: Visitors can break a code to open the rift to the Upside Down in the lab or design their own retro-style t-shirt in the arcade.

stranger things store

The highlight, however, occurs every 20 minutes and takes over the whole store, when the lights begin to flicker and everything undergoes a hair-raising transformation fans have to see for themselves.

Tickets are free and walk-ins are welcome, but entry is only guaranteed to those who make a reservation online at

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