The noisy sleeper was well prepared for a 32-hour flight from from Melbourne, Australia, to Houston, Texas

By Hannah Chubb
October 10, 2019 02:53 PM
Kennedy News and Media

Forget a crying baby, a loud snorer might just be the toughest seat mate to be stuck near on an overnight flight.

Mother and daughter Ros Tattersal and Grace Smith from Victoria, Australia, certainly know this to be true, because Alan Tattersal, Ros’s husband and Grace’s stepdad, is that guy.

The pair were weary of sending their loud-snoring loved one alone on a 32-hour flight from Melbourne to Houston, Texas — nervous he would keep the whole plane awake with his noise. So they sent him with some “care packages” to hand out to his fellow passengers. 

Smith, 17, and Ros, 54, made 10 baggies full of goodies, each containing a pair of earplugs, two mini-chocolate bars and a handwritten apology note. The notes read: “Hi. Enjoy your trip today. We thought you might be in need of a little assistance if Alan falls asleep — so hope this little care package helps.”

They signed the notes, “Love and blessings, Ros and Grace,” adding, “P.S. the snoring usually only lasts a short time — while he falls asleep.”

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Smith told Lad Bible that she and her mother had gotten the idea to create the packs for Alan when his snoring was “in full swing” a few nights before he left for Houston, adding that at times it keeps her up at night, and “can be pretty serious.” 

“I’d heard of mums giving out little care packages when they have babies on planes — acknowledging that their infants might be crying,” Smith said. “[Alan] is used to me joking around and we thought it’d be a good idea to make some packs for Alan to hand out before take off.”

Danil Rudenko/Getty

Alan, for one, was surprised by his family’s foresight, but was happy to go along. “They were very cheeky making the care packages for me,” he told the outlet. ‘I knew I snored but I didn’t think for a moment it was that bad.”

He admitted he didn’t hand out all 10 of the packages he was sent with — coming home with a couple still sealed — but had a decent excuse for the leftovers.

“One of the problems I had is when people get on planes nowadays, they’re immediately watching a film and putting their own headphones on,” he said. “The passengers really weren’t into communicating very much, so I had to give them out at the beginning before take off.”

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And while not everyone was amused, Alan surely made one woman’s day. 

“I handed a packet to the last person and she opened it up straight away and read the note,” he remembered. “The others just thought it was strange and didn’t know what to say, but she chuckled to herself.”