The new land opened on Friday in Disneyland, and will open on August 29 at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

By Eric Todisco
May 31, 2019 02:34 PM

The force is with you, Disneyland.

On Friday, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge officially opens in Anaheim, California, and by the looks of it, fans of the sci-fi franchise have an epic new home awaiting them.

The new land features rides like Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, which takes place on a replica of the iconic spaceship, and opening later this year, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which brings guests through a virtual battle between the Resistance and the First Order.

On Wednesday, original Star Wars cast members Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams reunited with director George Lucas and Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger for the opening, and fans were given a closer look at the monumental attraction.

During the celebration, the replica of the Millennium Falcon, which Ford, 76, deemed “amazing,” was the signature landmark for Galaxy’s Edge.

The iconic Han Solo aircraft was spotted in almost all of the cast shots from the land’s opening, surrounded by land attractions.

Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

The new land offers a plethora of activities for excited visitors to try, such as building your own droid, crafting your own lightsaber, and (test) flying the Millennium Falcon.

Galaxy’s Edge will also open at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on August 29, giving even more super fans the opportunity to immerse themselves into the Star Wars culture.

Fans will also experience plenty of secret details as they make their way through the land, according to Brent Nikolin, Project Manager of Walt Disney Imagineering.

“There are so many items to take in and interact with,” Nikolin explained. “One thing to look for is things from old movies. There are a couple items that come from other galaxies, not Star Wars, that landed in this galaxy that you can look for.”


Walt Disney World’s Creative Entertainment Show Director J. Michael Roddy previously teased “amazing shows” like the Path of the Jedi, which takes viewers through the entire saga, complete with footage from the films and a few special appearances by some familiar faces.

There are plenty out-of-this-world eats, too, that are sure to satisfy foodie, specifically at Oga’s Cantina, which is the first location in Disneyland Park to sell alcoholic drinks to the public.

Guests will encounter aliens, droids and other familiar faces while searching for food and other goodies at the Black Spire Outpost, while Oga’s Cantina will be the destination for exotic beverages with tunes spun by DJ R-3X, a former pilot droid. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo will also be the “designated location for traveling food shuttles.”

Disney Parks

During the opening on Wednesday night, the Star Wars legends stood in front of the Falcon, giving thanks to the fans for coming out and each discussing what the franchise meant to them after all these years.

“Lando never left me,” Williams, 82, said. “I was the original owner of the Millenium Falcon … it’s amazing to see her looking so good today!”

“I’m so excited for you, you’re going to get to pilot the Falcon too and experience your own adventures,” he said to the audience. “You’re going to love it just as much as I’ve loved it being a part of this fantastic franchise. To all the fans out there, thank you. This land is for you.”

“Look where we are today,” Hamill, 67, added. “We get our own land! Star Wars to me has always been the gift that keeps on giving and the reason is because of you. Your parents tell you not to speak to strangers yet everywhere I go, everyone treats me like family. The stories [fans] tell me are so heartfelt.”

(L-R) Billy Dee Williams, George Lucas, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill
Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort via Getty
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Additional celebrities attended the big grand-opening, including Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Brie Larson, and Cobie Smolders.

Galaxy’s Edge is the largest single-themed land expansion ever at a Disney park, coming in at a whopping 14 acres.

Those planning to visit Disneyland between May 31 and June 23 require reservations for access, all of which are already booked. Until then, the only way to see the land is to stay at at any of the park’s three hotels. After June 23, Galaxy’s Edge will be open to all guests.