The woman was mortified to learn she had left her dress at the alterations shop back at home after she landed in Costa Rica for her sister's wedding
Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines just went above and beyond for one of their passengers who forgot a very important piece of clothing in her luggage during a recent flight.

According to a series of Twitter exchanges, Grayleigh Oppermann was traveling to Costa Rica to be in her sister’s wedding and forgot to pack her bridesmaid dress.

Today reports that Opperman left her dress behind at an alteration shop after a busy week when one of her children was sick with the flu, and didn’t realize her mistake until she landed in Costa Rica.

“This is my sister’s wedding,” Oppermann told TODAY Style. I can’t even imagine … I was just sick to my stomach.”

The woman’s friend Taylor Kenney then tweeted at the airline and asked if there was any way to get her friend’s dress on the next flight out from Houston.

“@SouthwestAir help!! My friend is in a wedding on Saturday in Costa Rica but she left her bridesmaids dress here in Houston!” Kenney wrote. “Can we get her dress on flight #1734 tomorrow??? #WorthATry #BestCustomerService.”

The airline responded to the tweet, writing “We like where your head’s at,” and asked for more information about the passenger and her dress. Once they agreed to fly the dress to Costa Rica, Kenney and the airline provided updates, including photos of another friend dropping off the dress at the airport and handing it to a Southwest agent.

“UPDATE: The dress has arrived at Houston Hobby,” Southwest Airlines wrote. “(Shoutout to the bridesmaid’s friend Rachel, who dropped it off at the airport this morning. We all need a friend like Rachel.)”

Then, the airline continued to provide updates about the dress, and took pictures of it in its bag on the aircraft. They even created a hashtag for the operation (#RescueTheDress) and allowed the world to track the dress in flight.

The dress arrived safely at the airport in Costa Rica the following day, where Opermann was able to retrieve it.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it has arrived,” Southwest wrote. “Operation #RescueTheDress: COMPLETE!”

Oppermann even provided an image of her wearing the dress at the destination wedding as she stood next to the bride.

“Yep. That was totally worth it,” Southwest wrote alongside the photo.

After the exchange gained traction on social media, some Twitter users were confused why the dress in the picture was white while the dress that was originally pictured was red with white stripes. However, Southwest was quick to clear up the controversy after one user asked “Is it just me or did the dress lose its stripes on the flight?

“No stripes lost!” the airline wrote. “We appreciate your eye for detail. If you look closely, the white dress (the actual bridesmaid dress!) can be seen behind the striped one. ‘Cause if you’re sending one dress, might as well send two, right?!”

Southwest Airlines did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment, but told Today in a statement that they didn’t think twice about sending the dress.

“When we saw the call for help on Twitter @southwestair, we knew we had to say yes to the dress,” a representative for the airline said. “This bridesmaid story has a happy ending, and we’re thrilled to play a part in making this special day a success. Cheers to the happy couple — and one relieved bridesmaid — from the LUV airline!”