The Modern Family star and her friends and family escaped the impending storm in style

By Alex Apatoff
August 30, 2019 03:06 PM
Credit: Sofia Vergara/Instagram

Sofia Vergara has been posting one enviable photo after another from her girls’ trip at her Caribbean vacation home, Casa Chipi Chipi, all week. But the vacation is coming to an early end as she and her family board a private jet ahead of Hurricane Dorian’s expected landfall in Florida.

Dorian just skirted past Puerto Rico and is expected to hit Florida as a Category 3 storm by Labor Day. But Vergara and her family didn’t let the weather forecast put the fun on hold for too long: They boarded a jet to get away from the impending storm. “Bye bye Dorian!!💦” the Modern Family actress captioned the photo depicting her friends and relatives aboard the plane.

The crew was all smiles, but not everyone in the comments was as amused. One commenter wrote in Spanish, “I find it sad that you publish this, when thousands of people don’t have the opportunity to do the same. god bless all those people who are and will be in the trajectory of the hurricane.” Another added in Spanish, “How sad, ostentatious and mocking of those who are in the path of hurricanes.”

Still, many fans came to her defense, writing that she was entitled to use her resources to escape the storm and wishing her safe travels. “Glad your family will be safe,” one wrote.

Vergara had also referenced the hurricane in a beachside post from earlier in the week, depicting herself and a pal raising a glass, which she captioned “Esperando a Dorian💦🌊” (waiting for Dorian). This too got mixed reactions: “I am a fan. But the waiting for Dorian comment was not funny,” said one person, while another wrote, “You should not make fun of Mother Nature.” Joked her son, Manolo, “That doesn’t look like hurricane preparedness at all.”

The star has had a fun and busy summer ahead of the final season of Modern Family. In addition to her vacation posts (including some from an anniversary trip with husband Joe Manganiello) she has shared shots from the set depicting the 10-year evolution of the cast then and now.