Your Next Visit to Disney Just Got Cheaper! Sam's Club Is Selling Discounted Tickets to the Parks

Sam's Club will now allow its members to shop for discounted tickets — including packages plans for Disneyland and Disney World

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Grab your wallets — and your mouse ears!

On Thursday, Sam’s Club announced its launching a new Travel and Entertainment service, which will allow its members to shop for discounted tickets to shows, theme parks and resorts — including Disneyland and Disney World.

Right now, Sam’s Club members can save up to $70 on admission to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, with single-park tickets starting at just $42 for 10-Day ticket packages. As a special treat for kids, all tickets will also include Disney FastPass, which lets visitors cut the lines at some of the park’s most popular attractions.

These tickets will grant entrance to one of Disney World’s four parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

The chain store is also selling discounted tickets for a 4-Park Magic offering, which will allow guests to enter each park once, with prices starting at $87.25 per day.

Walt Disney World's Epcot

If you’re a Florida resident, Sam’s Club is also offering Discover Disney tickets, which start at $66 per day for a 3-Day package and $54 per day for a 4-Day package.

However, Disney still currently offers the cheapest package for Florida residents. From now until June 27, 3-day packages are $59 and 4-day packages are $49.

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If you’re traveling to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the retailer also has a variety of discounted ticketing options.

Single day, 1-park tickets start at $44 for 5-Day packages. There are special rates for two–, three–, four–, and five-day tickets packages, each with one Magic Morning pass, which will guarantee early admission to parks.

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Residents of Southern California and Northern Baja can also buy three-day, single park tickets starting at $53 a day, which include one Magic Morning pass.

Disney announced this week the opening dates of the highly anticipated new land Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

At Disney World, Epcot will also soon get a major refresh that includes a Ratatouille Ride, a Beauty & the Beast singalong, new fireworks, as well as a new play pavilion.

So grab your giant shopping cart and get vacation planning!

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