After a nightmare travel day, Mike Good was treated to a remarkable act of kindness from strangers
Plane passengers help dad

Mike Good is a frequent flyer, but the father of two says he’s never seen anything like the act of kindness he experienced last week, when an entire plane full of passengers came together to make sure he made it to his twins’ father-daughter dance.

“It was just amazing. Everyone on that plane sat still so that I could make a run for it,” the father of two tells PEOPLE.

Last Thursday, Good was trying to get home to Charlotte from a business trip in Nashville. It’s a short flight but because of thunderstorms in the Charlotte area that day, almost all incoming flights were cancelled or delayed.

American Airlines tried getting him on an earlier flight and in the process he lost his assigned seat on his originally scheduled flight. So when it turned out that plane would take off after all, the 45-year-old ended up in the very last available spot in the back row of the plane.

Plane passengers help dad
Plane passengers help dad
Credit: Courtesy Mike Good

“I was still able to board early, so I got to talking to the flight attendant in the back and I told her I was going to be in the doghouse because I was going to miss my kids’ dance,” Good says.

His daughters, fraternal twin seven-year-olds Lucy and Emily, were waiting at home with their mom, who was prepared to take them to the father-daughter dance in her husband’s place.

The plane was set to arrive at 7 — the same time the dance at Davidson Elementary School was set to start.

“I was sure there was no way I was going to make it,” Good recalls. “I knew it would take me thirty minutes to get off the plane and then I had about a thirty minute drive from the airport.”

The plane was forced to circle the airport before landing when they got to Charlotte, delaying them further, but as they started the final taxi up to the gate, Good was stunned to hear the flight attendant make an announcement: “She told everyone there was a dad in the last row trying to make his twins’ father-daughter dance and we’d really appreciate it if you’d let him off the plane so he can get there.”

Sure enough, Good says, he was shocked as everyone stayed in their seats, leaving the aisle clear for him to make a mad dash off the plane.

Plane passengers help dad
Credit: Courtesy Mike Good

“I grabbed my bag, ran down the aisle and thanked everybody. I was wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day as I ran down the aisle,” he says.

He made it to the dance at 7:50, surprising his wife and daughters.

“My wife got choked up when I told her the story.”

Good told some of the other dads at the dance the story and the next day was surprised again when one of them texted to say the story was going viral. Turns out, someone on the plane tweeted about the experience and the tweet was getting a lot of attention.

Twitter user Jenny Hale wrote, “Everyone rooted him on and clapped as he rushed down the aisle.”

Hale tells PEOPLE according to Twitter analytics the tweet has gotten over 20 million impressions.

“Everyone on that plane responded in an effort to help someone they didn’t know,” she says. “That’s what it’s all about. When I tweeted it, I was simply sharing the joy of that moment.”

Good says the flight attendant is the real hero in this story: “I never asked to get off early. It was the flight crew who made that happen and that’s who I’m appreciative of. And the passengers, that was amazing to see everybody just sitting on the plane.”