Plane Passenger Dangles Bare Feet Over Headrest of Woman In Front of Her In Cringe-Worthy Photo

"This is the one thing I am most worried about before getting on a plane," the photo was captioned

One woman’s recent flight really, well, stunk — and she has a hilarious selfie to prove it.

On Sunday, Reddit user u/Addian4 shared a photo of a distraught-looking woman sitting in her seat on an airplane. Above her, two dirty, bare feet are perched on the top of her headrest, belonging to the person sitting in the row behind her. The woman’s brow is furrowed, and, honestly, you can see the pain in her eyes.

“This is the one thing I am most worried about before getting on a plane,” the user captioned the photo, which was posted in the forum r/mildlyinfuriating. It’s unclear whether the Reddit user is the woman in the photo or not, and no information about which airline they were flying or where they were traveling was provided.

The post has since garnered 31.2 thousand upvotes and one thousand comments, with many horrified users sharing their two cents on the travel travesty.

“Lick their feet to establish dominance,” wrote one user. “Nah bruh I’m calling up animal control this ain’t a human,” said another. Many suggested tickling or sneezing on the feet, while others said that the woman should have stood up for herself and asked them to move, or gotten a flight attendant to do so.

Plane passenger puts feet on headrest

One user shared their own similar story: “I was on a 6 hour, overnight flight a couple months ago, someone up ahead was doing that. It was shut down by a flight attendant pretty quickly. I was sitting in the last row, so I also got to listen to all the flight attendants talking about how rude and gross that was.”

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Sadly, this isn’t the only nasty, foot-related sight to surface in recent months.

In July, New York Times best-selling crime novelist Alafair Burke posted a video to Twitter of a man on a plane scrolling through the in-flight entertainment system using his bare feet. The video — which also shows the man leaning back in his seat and resting both of his feet on the wall in front of him between touchscreen turns — was quickly spread across the social media platform, where it has received over 10.7 million views.

This is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen on Twitter,” wrote one critic. “People leave the house and lose their damn minds,” another added.

While some wondered whether the man onboard suffered from a muscular impairment, which would in turn force him to use his feet instead of his hands, Burke clarified in a follow up post that her friend saw the man “walk on and off the plane, carrying his own bag.”

He just likes to watch TV with his bare feet,” she tweeted.

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