The Never Have I Ever creator — who has daughter Katherine, 3, and son Spencer, 7 months —teamed up with the travel rental company for Mother's Day
mindy kaling
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Like many Americans, Mindy Kaling has been spending the pandemic dreaming about where she's going to travel as soon as it's over. 

And with all that time spent wanderlusting, the actress, 41, has put together a pretty impressive wishlist of Airbnb properties and experiences she's dying to visit with her family — including her two kids, daughter Katherine, 3, and son Spencer, 7 months — when things feel safe enough. 

PEOPLE got an exclusive first look at the wishlist, which the star is sharing in partnership with the travel rental company in honor of Mother's Day, as she believes a trip away is one of the best things you can give any mom — herself included.

"As a mom with a baby and a toddler, my house is teeming with stuff! I don't need any more stuff!" Kaling jokes. "So vacations are a great gift."

Mindy Kaling x Airbnb
Credit: courtesy Airbnb

The wishlist includes properties in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, France and Australia, and each focuses on escaping into nature. For example, there's a vineyard retreat with a spa and pool in Occidental, California; a Skyhouse in Canyon Lake, Texas; a home with a private spa on the lake in Québec, Canada; a Malibu Airstream eco-retreat in Malibu, California; and an eco-glamping retreat in Victoria, Australia.

See the full list here.

Mindy Kaling x Airbnb
Credit: courtesy Airbnb

"I love luxury," Kaling says, explaining that each stay on her list is a retreat from her everyday life. "My favorite places need to be nicer than my home."

That said, Kaling says that when she's looking for a place to stay, she wants it to feel homey — which is why she prefers staying at Airbnbs over hotels. "Not to be too mystical, but my astrological sign is Cancer, which means I'm a homebody," she says. "Homebodies love the comfort and intimacy of an actual home."

Mindy Kaling x Airbnb
Credit: courtesy Airbnb

Naturally, the activities you do on vacation are just as important as where you stay, Kaling says, she she also put together a list of Airbnb experiences she's itching to try, including a mountain yoga hike in Phoenix, Arizona; a  soak in a hot spring under the stars in Boulder City, Nevada; and aerial yoga on the beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Kaling's favorite family trip of all time, she says, was a trip to New York, when they took advantage of all the fun activities the Big Apple has to offer.

Mindy Kaling x Airbnb
Credit: courtesy Airbnb

"I was invited to the Met Gala in New York in 2019, and I took the whole family to the city for ten days," she recalls of her best family vacation ever. "We stayed on Central Park and went to all the museums."

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But right now, after being cooped up inside for the better part of a year, the Never Have I Ever creator is ready to take her kids out of the hustle and bustle and into the wilderness. 

"I've been dreaming of a relaxing vacation with my kids for a while, getting them outdoors somewhere away from the noise and routine of the city," she says.

Of course, vacationing isn't always an easy process when you have little ones in tow — "I book flights now according to my kids sleep schedule," Kaling jokes — but she does have quite a bit of practice now, considering she travels a lot for her job.  

Her best advice for traveling with kids? Always remember: "There's no rushing a toddler with a vision."