Corona Beer to Open Private Island Destination in the Caribbean in 2022

Corona Island is being introduced as a nature-focused vacation spot, not a party island

Corona Island
Photo: Corona

There is a new island experience for Corona lovers set to open in the Caribbean Sea!

Plans for Corona Island were first announced by the popular beer brand in November and it is slated to open to visitors in the spring of 2022.

The forthcoming hotspot is located off the coast of Colombia and is being described by Corona as a natural island destination, rather than a party hotspot.

"Corona Island is unlike anything we've ever done before. As a brand that's so deeply connected with nature, we wanted to pay respect to and celebrate the natural environment that supplies our 100% natural ingredients," said Felipe Ambra, Global Vice President for Corona in a news release.

"Now more than ever, people have a need to safely reconnect with the outdoors. We're inviting people from around the world to come together and combine education with responsible tourism. Our hope is that when guests return home, they'll have fallen in love with nature again, and will be re-energized to be better global citizens in their communities. When people are in love with someone or something, they always do their best to protect it - that's our objective with Corona Island."

A spokesperson for Corona stated that access to the island will only be open to certain countries upon opening — and the United States is not currently one of them.

Those countries include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru and South Africa.

The spokesperson told PEOPLE via email that travelers from those countries will have to take part in enter-to-win opportunities, which include qualifying product purchases to earn miles, collecting stamps or finding a golden ticket.

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As part of the NGO Oceanic Global's Blue Standard program Corona Island has plans to eventually become Blue Verified. If that happens Corona Island could become the first fully Blue Verified Island when it opens in 2022.

Becoming Blue Verified will help address issues ranging from single-use plastic elimination and implementation of responsible waste management infrastructure, according to the news release.

The spokesperson said that there is also currently a global auction to experience Corona Island open until Dec. 14 with all proceeds benefiting Oceanic Global.

The auction is available to residents outside of the U.S. and the grand prize includes having the entire island to themselves with each guest staying in their own private bungalow.

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