Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Enjoy Romantic Trip to Santa Fe: 'We Love the Fun of Trying Out Something New'

The actress has teamed up with and starred in its recent Super Bowl commercial to promote the "Somewhere Anywhere" campaign

Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone on vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico for
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When Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone escaped for a quick couples trip to Santa Fe, N.M., they couldn't have scripted it any better.

Upon their arrival to the Four Seasons Resort, the couple were taken aback by "the beautiful endless desert landscape, and the architecture is so pretty," McCarthy tells PEOPLE exclusively. "And then literally it was like we Hollywood-ed in a snowfall because the snowflakes were the size of lollipops and it coated everything. I was like, 'This is going to look like we faked it.' We got the best of both worlds."

McCarthy, 52, who has teamed up with and even starred in the brand's musical Super Bowl ad, and Falcone, 49, were equally impressed with the resort's ambience and food. "We kept sitting at this table by a fireplace, which was so cozy, especially for a California girl. We rarely get to snuggle up by a fire because it's too hot," she says. "And the chef made a Southwestern inspired paella but it was like his grandmother's recipe with a twist. I'm not kidding, we were crazy about it. We had it two days in a row."

Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone on vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico for

Strolling around the town and visiting its quaint stores was also on the couple's agenda. "I'm a textiles gal, so I really loved seeing the beautiful rugs and the blankets and all the Native American belts and jewelry," McCarthy says. "It's beautiful when you can see so many pretty things and also take a hard but a wonderful look at history and be grateful. Grateful and repentant all at the same time. I think it's a good walk through history."

Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone on vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico for

The couple also made time to visit the distillery for Big Nose Kate whiskey, a company for which they recently became investors. "We actually did some work, which was an absolute blast," McCarthy adds. "It was so fun to see where it's being made. We were sipping Big Nose Kate at 10 in the morning, which felt really decadent but wonderful."

Deciding to partner with was a well-thought out decision for McCarthy. "It really has to speak to me and I have to really love the company," she says. "I love their philosophy. They really believe that the more people travel and see new cultures and new dynamics, that we all understand each other a little bit better and we all become less afraid of the unknown and embrace it and realize how amazing the world is and that our differences are great."

"That's the fun of traveling," McCarthy continues. "You get to try on different things when you travel. It's like, if I go to Mexico or if I can go to Morocco, I'm like, 'Am I going to wear a caftan? You better believe it.' We love the fun of trying out something new."

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McCarthy, who admits she didn't get on a plane until she was 19, is also a huge fan of some of's programs including Travel Sustainable and Travel Proud. "You qualify for certain levels and then if you want to book an entire vacation that you know is sustainable and eco-friendly, you can do that through them," she explains. "And the Travel Proud badge makes it easy for LGBTQIA+ travelers to know that where they're going, they can find and book places that are welcoming and inclusive to all people."

The actress insists she's especially grateful for because it's so user-friendly. "I am so technologically challenged. I'm still a letter and a postage stamp kind of gal," McCarthy says. "The fact that I can do it, that I can manage it and I can actually book our things, is saying a lot. I'll leave it at that. For a gal that barely can return an email, if I can plan a trip, then anybody can do it."

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