Connecticut Man's Daughter Asks Him to Sing at Disney World and He Wows Everyone with 'Ave Maria'

Justin Gigliello was in the lobby of Walt Disney World's Grand Floridian when his daughter asked a pianist if he could sing

Justin Gigliello singing Ava Maria
Photo: Justin Gigliello/Twitter

A Connecticut man turned the lobby of Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian resort into an opera house when he delivered a powerful rendition of “Ave Maria” earlier this month.

On Sunday, Justin Gigliello shared a video from his serenade on Twitter, prompting thousands of social media users to applaud his talent.

“I just wanted to share this video for a Disney experience! We just went to Disney World last week and my daughter asked the pianist at the Grand Floridian if I could sing while he played,” Gigliello wrote.

In the clip, Gigliello can be heard belting out the famous song, originally composed by Franz Schubert, as his young daughter watches him proudly.

The clip has since gone viral.

“The way she looks at you will never go away. At least that’s how it is with me and my dad. Your voice is lovely and pls send the little one love from the internet,” one user wrote in the comment section for the post.

Gigliello tells PEOPLE that it all came about after he and his daughter had lunch at the hotel on March 18.

While dining, Gigliello took his daughter on a trip down memory lane, explaining that he “used to listen to the music in the lobby with his parents” as a kid.

That’s when the little girl said she wanted to do the same. The two then wrapped up their meal and headed to the lobby.

“The pianist was playing and we started dancing,” Gigliello says. “When one of the songs ended she walked right up to the pianist and said ‘My daddy loves to sing and play’ and the pianist said ‘What song?’ and she said ‘Ave Maria’ and that’s how it happened.”

“The crowd loved it,” Gigliello says.

“A woman came up to me and said she was in the gift shop and just walked out to see what was going on. Everyone’s reaction was amazing!”

With a voice like Gigliello’s, it’s no surprise that music is his passion.

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“I studied voice performance at the Boston Conservatory and have a bachelors degree in voice performance,” Gigliello explains.

But, his love for singing started much earlier than that.

“I started taking lessons when I was 15 years old,” Gigliello says proudly.

Gigliello’s impromptu concert even brought some to tears.

“What an amazing voice! And the look of pride on your daughter’s face brought tears to my eyes. This made my day… thank you for sharing!” one user wrote.

“That song always soothed my soul. Your voice cradled my heart just when I needed it today,” another person tweeted.

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