The opponents are already planning a rematch

By Hannah Chubb
August 13, 2019 12:27 PM

Rock, paper, scissors … cute!

An adorable video of a passenger on a recent Spirit Airlines flight playing a game of rock-paper-scissors with an unexpected opponent is stealing the hearts of Internet users everywhere. While sitting on an airplane waiting to take flight, Brianna Kolbe videoed her boyfriend Robert Meadows playing the classic childhood game through the plane window with a tarmac worker below.

“My boyfriend literally has no problem making friends with anybody,” Kolbe, known as @bricheeseyy on social media, captioned the clip, which has since been viewed over 13.8 million times and liked over 1.6 million times on Twitter.

In the video, Meadows, 23, can be heard saying, “rock, paper, scissors, shoot,” over and over while slamming his right fist into an open left palm, Kolbe filming him all the while. Eventually, Meadows plays an open hand (paper) to win him the game, and Kolbe zooms in on the tarmac worker — decked out in a regulation yellow neon vest and ear protectors — who dramatically swats his arm and walks away in defeat.

As first reported by TIME, the hilarious match took place at an airport in Atlantic City, New Jersey. After Kolbe’s post began going viral, she commented on it, writing, “This is in Atlantic City, New Jersey. If anyone knows who this wing walker is lmk.” The employee was soon identified as Allain Bantaya, also of the Garden State.

Bantaya, known on Twitter as @allainsenpai, tweeted out a meme on Monday which had a shocked face and read, “Me waking up to see my phone blow up bc i lost a rock paper scissors game.” Meadows, who now uses the Twitter name @robPapersciss0r, replied to Bantaya’s tweet, writing, “Honestly I’m down for a rematch @SpiritAirlines needs to make it happen!!!”

Later in the day, Bantaya posted a mirror selfie of himself at the airport, dressed in his uniform, captioning it, “some heroes don’t wear capes.”

When asked why he decided to start up the fun-loving game with Bantaya, Meadows told TIME that he simply “like[s] to be friendly because not a lot of other people are.” He saw the opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face and he took it.

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“People always have a kid in them and you just have to find a common ground,” Meadows continued. “I feel like rock-paper-scissors-shoot is such an easy common ground that everyone can relate to. Everyone kind of just needs to have a good time.”