Man Gets Entire Plane to Himself After Booking Mistake: 'A Once in [a] Lifetime Experience'

He smartly appeared to have grabbed a window seat

A Lithuanian man on a plane to Italy got a massive surprise on March 16, when he discovered he was the only traveler on the flight.

Skirmantas Strimaitis was flying from Vilnius, Lithuania, to the northern Italian city of Bergamo for a skiing holiday on the Boeing 737-800 jetliner, which the Associated Press reports normally sits up to 188 people.

Instead of entering a plane packed with passengers shuffling to put their luggage in the overhead bins, Strimaitis learned he was the only paying customer. Two pilots and five crew members were also on board.

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Skirmantas Strimaitis/AP

“[It was] a once in the lifetime experience,” Strimaitis told the AP of the flight, which lasted for more than two hours.

How did Strimaitis get so lucky?

Turns out, travel agency Novaturas had chartered the plane to fly the crew back home to Italy, the AP reported. In an effort to make sure the aircraft wasn’t flying empty, they sold one-way tickets. Strimaitis was the only person who bought one.

Of course, even Strimaitis knew that no one would believe his luck, so he was sure to snap a picture of himself aboard the empty plane.

He smartly appeared to have grabbed a window seat.

This isn’t the first time a lucky passenger got a private ride on a commercial plane.

In January 2018, a woman found herself alone aboard a flight from New York to Washington D.C., after her earlier trip was canceled and she was rebooked on an otherwise empty plane meant for transporting just the crew and “repositioning” the plane for it’s next departure.

The lucky scenario was a first for the flight crew, the passenger wrote on Reddit: “Both captains and the flight attendant said they’ve never seen this happen before.”

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