Kaley Cuoco on Her Travel Dreams (and Nightmares!) and Where She's Heading Next

The Golden Globe-nominated Flight Attendant star talked to PEOPLE about her vacation bucket list and how it's been affected by the pandemic

Kaley Cuoco
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Where does a wild and complicated flight attendant travel on her days off? Kaley Cuoco opened up to PEOPLE about her big summer travel plans — and the places still on her bucket list.

The Flight Attendant star and producer is excited about filming the upcoming second season, particularly because it involves a change of scenery — in Iceland! In the comedic thriller series based on the novel by Chris Bohjalian, Cuoco, 35, portrays Cassie, a flight attendant who tries to get her act together as she investigates the death of her one-night stand in a Bangkok, Thailand hotel room.

The actress, who spent 12 seasons (2007—2019) on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, is also a spokesperson for priceline.com. She talks to PEOPLE about her love for globe-trotting (and occasionally staying home), plus a few sneak peeks about The Flight Attendant season two.

PEOPLE: What is your favorite vacation destination?

Kaley Cuoco: Am I allowed to say my backyard?! I guess if I had to pick one it would be Hawaii…I love the beaches and the pineapples…it's paradise there!

Waikiki Beach Priceline
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P: Where are you traveling for your next vacation?

KC: Iceland! We are actually going to shoot season two of The Flight Attendant there…I have never been there so I am so excited to explore.

P: What are your must-have travel essentials?

KC: Eye drops, iPad, earbuds, Kashwere blankets, and a Rollga foam roller. I can't leave home without those for my every day away.

P: What destination is at the top of your bucket list to visit?

KC: A safari in South Africa. As an animal lover, I think it would be incredible to interact with some of the most amazing animals.

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P: You're a spokesperson for Priceline. Any advice on how to plan your next great adventure?

KC: Priceline is my go-to, it's a little like having my own travel assistant! Sometimes the hardest part for me is just narrowing down the places I want to go, so I give my husband [Karl Cook] a few choices and make him pick. Then to book, I just go to Priceline, check off my top picks and they pop up the best deals for me.

P: Can you share a funny travel disaster story?

KC: Traveling with my dog Dumpy is always hilarious and crazy! One time I took him into the lavatory to see if he would go to the bathroom. It didn't work.

P: Do you have any summer travel plans?

KC: We have some amazing upcoming international travel planned for The Flight Attendant Season 2 and I can't wait! The entire experience of bringing this book to life has been one that I will cherish always, and I can't wait to share Cassie's next adventures with an audience.

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