JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Get 'Pampered' on Honeymoon in Greece — See the Photos

The Bachelorette alum finally married Jordan Rodgers on Saturday after a six-year engagement and two pandemic-induced postponements

Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodger’s Honeymoon in Greece
Photo: Jordan Rodgers/Instagram

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers jetted off to Greece following their nuptials on Saturday.

On Wednesday, the newlyweds shared several photos and videos from their honeymoon on their Instagram Stories including Jordan showing off his new wedding ring, enjoing al fresco meals together and posing for selfies. The pair were married on Saturday at Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California after a six-year engagement and two pandemic-induced postponements.

On Monday, Fletcher revealed to PEOPLE the couple's plans for their honeymoon. In addition to Greece, the newlyweds will also visit Paris.

She added that their honeymoon marks the pair's first European vacation.

"It would be one thing if one person had been [to Greece or Paris] and they already had certain memories," she said. "But because this is a new memory for both of us, I think that's pretty special."

Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodger’s Honeymoon in Greece
JoJo Fletcher/Instagram

In one clip, the Bachelorette alum, 31, and the sports announcer, 33, take in the sights at their stunning hotel.

"Come on Jordy," Fletcher says as she's chased by a bee and almost falls into the pool.

"You're standing on a rock, above water, filming and there's a bee chasing you, be careful. Influencers in the wild," Rodgers jokes.

"Its so pretty, gosh," she adds as she pans around the adjacent garden.

Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodger’s Honeymoon in Greece
JoJo Fletcher/Instagram

In another video, Fletcher narrates, "Going to dinner with my husband. Just craziness ok. Well, we're finally like…"

"Married," Rodgers finishes her sentence.

"Married, but also over our own jet lag hump," she continues. "How long have we been here?"

When her husband tells her only 24 hours, she says, "We basically slept the whole time, so I feel like we're finally feeling more alive. So we're doing it."

Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodger’s Honeymoon in Greece
Jordan Rodgers/Instagram

Rodgers shared a photo of his wife in a button-up shirt and aviator sunglasses captioned "Breakfast with the ol' ball & chain."

While in Greece, the couple were "pampered" during two separate trips to the spa. "We're getting facials today. We got massages yesterday," Fletcher says.

"It's a little rainy and cold today so back to the spa we go," Rodgers wrote on his Instagram Story. "No complaints over hereeeee."

Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodger’s Honeymoon in Greece
JoJo Fletcher/Instagram

Jojo has big plans for the second leg of their honeymoon in Paris, where she hopes Rodgers will try escargot, a dish made with snails.

"Jordan has refused to ever try escargot," she said. "But he told me once that if we were in Paris and could see the Eiffel Tower, he would have escargot with me. I don't even really like it that much, but it's the fact that I want him to try it with me — and now we're going to Paris on our honeymoon."

Joelle Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers wedding
Joelle Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers. Valorie Darling

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The Texas native added that Rodgers isn't a picky eater, but he's "funny with textures" and "will put up a fight" when it comes to trying the French food. "He always says, 'Why would I eat a snail when I could pick it up out of my garden?'" she shared, laughing.

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