Hawaii Hotel Treats Teddy Bear To Luxurious 'Extended Vacation' After Child Leaves Toy Behind

After realizing that her son had left his stuffed animal behind, his mother's heart was warmed when the hotel sent her photos from the bear's trip


This teddy bear had the time of its life after being left in a Hawaii hotel by a young child.

Detailing the heartwarming story earlier this week, Ann Pickard explained on Twitter that shortly after returning home from a trip to Hawaii, her son Doozer realized he’d “left his beloved teddy bear” named Sutro at the Grand Hyatt Kauai, where they’d been staying.

Although Pickard said that she’d sent an email to the hotel, asking if they had seen a “very friendly” white bear who “answers to Sutro,” as it was a large hotel, she didn’t expect them to be able to locate her son’s lost toy.

Luckily for her and her son, that wasn’t the case.

Not only did the hotel send the stuffed animal back to her son, but they also sent a variety of photos of what the teddy bear had gotten up to while enjoying “his extended vacation.”


In addition to taking a trip to the spa, Sutro also got to relax by the pool with a stuffed seal named Kauai, which had also been left behind by Pickard’s son, and the pair even rented out a pricey cabana!

Fitting in one last activity before the hotel sent Sutro and Kauai back home, the hotel also sent a photo of the two stuffed animals checking out at the front desk.

After Pickard thanked the hotel staff for their extraordinary act of kindness, the Grand Hyatt Kauai went on to share that they were “glad Sutro got to enjoy an extended vacation with us.”

“I’m sure he will have lots of stories to share with Doozer when they’re reunited,” the hotel wrote.


Housekeeping director for the Hyatt hotel, Julien Woerpel, went on to explain to CNN Travel where the idea to take all of the fun photos came from.

“Anna was so nice and I fully understand how distraught kids can be when they realize their bear buddy is missing,” the father of two remarked. “(Rachel Bower, the Hyatt’s assistant executive housekeeper) and I thought we’d make it fun and show that his bear was just having so much fun on his Kauai vacation that he wanted to stay longer.

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On Thursday, Pickard announced that her son had finally been reunited with his stuffed animals.

Alongside a variety of photos of her son opening up the box with his beloved companions, she wrote, “Tiny dude wasn’t being very happy about posing for photos this evening, I’ll try again tomorrow, but even if I don’t, he’s so sodding happy to have Sutro home.”

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