Hannah Bronfman on Her Austin Girls Weekend and Why She and Her Husband Spent a Year Couch-Surfing

The popular deejay and Amex ambassador visited Austin City Limits festival where she opened up about her posh nomad life with husband Brendan Fallis

Hannah Bronfman
Photo: Rick Kern/Getty

Hannah Bronfman is definitely in need of a little R&R.

The popular deejay, fitness influencer and author of Do What Feels Good, chatted with PEOPLE at last weekend’s Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, Texas, where she and pals actress Cara Santana and model Flaviana Matata came together to take in the star-studded musical lineup as part of the onsite American Express Experience.

“It’s a work trip, but it’s also a girls’ trip,” says Bronfman, 31, who’s been an ambassador for the credit card company for three years and a cardmember since 2008. “I’m lucky enough that I get to partner with brands that recognize amazing accomplished women, so it kind of turns into a girls’ trip.”

“We’re all friends,” she adds of herself, Santana and Matata. “It’s nice because we all live in different places and it’s things like Austin City Limits and Amex that bring us together.”

Hannah Bronfman, Cara Santana, and Flaviana Matata
Rick Kern/Getty

The trip came at a great time, given Bronfman and her husband, deejay Brendan Fallis are wrapping up a pretty hectic year.

“Married life is good. We honestly just came off of a full year of being not settled at all,” she says. “We sold our place in New York and we literally packed up and traveled for an entire year. We were in and out of hotels and at first it was so fun and seemed like such an exciting adventure and then when you start having to plan your workouts around when you’re going to be able to shower and when check-out is, it becomes pretty intense.”

Last June, after their N.Y.C. apartment sold sooner than expected, the couple, who tied the knot back in May of 2017, decided to take some vacation instead of find a place to rent. And as time went on, they found themselves to be true city nomads.


“It was definitely like luxury couch-surfing,” says Bronfman with a laugh. “We ended up staying at a friend’s apartment for two months. And I’m now like the highest status possible on [the last minute reservation app] Hotel Tonight.”

Recently the pair found where they wanted to set down roots again—in their pal’s same apartment building. “Everything happens for a reason,” says Bronfman. “I’m so so excited that we have a new home and we’re going to start construction soon. My husband oversees absolutely everything. His attention to detail is on another level.”

Bronfman, on the other hand, is busy cranking out new remixes to hits by Carly Rae Jepson and Madonna, and also working on new products for her popular fitness company HBFIT.

As for when they’ll have their own getaway, she says they’re looking forward to the holidays. “This year we’re doing a couples thing because last year was all family,” says Bronfman, the daughter of billionaire businessman Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and Sherri Brewer.

“This year we’re going to go on a friends trip to Byron Bay. We absolutely love it,” she says. “Honestly I hope we’re in the newlywed phase for the next couple of years. I think my husband would say the same.”

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