Is Ginger Ale the Best Drink to Order on a Flight? Find Out Why Some Say Yes

Ginger ale may help soothe upset stomachs and is also easy to serve at a high altitude

woman in comfy clothes travelling alone in plane. She is sitting comfortably, drinking ginger ale
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Move over, cola lovers and lemon-lime aficionados. Ginger ale is the best drink to order on a plane — here’s why.

Earlier this week, Travel + Leisure‘s Andrea Romano shared her educated opinion that ginger ale is the perfect drink to enjoy on a flight. According to the article, there are three main reasons why ginger ale rises to the top: it maintains its taste better in the dry plane air, it may help soothe upset stomachs, and it’s easier for flight attendants to serve at a high altitude.

Nutritionist Lauren Grosskopf, MS, LDN broke down the science behind her recommendation to the outlet, noting that our taste buds react to food differently when we’re stuck in the dry air inside of an airplane’s cabin. Grosskopf explained that the difference in air affects sweet and salty tastes in particular.

Because of this, ginger ale’s sometimes unpopular sweet taste can be negated, making it taste more dry and sharp.

Grosskopf also explained that ginger ale is a smart drink for plane passengers because of ginger’s medicinal uses. The root has long been used to help ease nausea; fend off the flu, the common cold, and inflammation; and aid in digestion, according to Healthline.

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“Ginger helps ease stomach upset with nervous flyers,” Grosskopf explained to the magazine.

Even though T+L reports that popular ginger ale brand Canada Dry once had a lawsuit filed against them alleging that their products did not actually have ginger in them, the familiar ginger taste can still produce the same effect.

The outlet also reported that ginger ale is better than other soft drinks like Diet Coke because it’s easier to serve at a high altitude. Drinks like Coke require more time for their bubbles to dissipate in high altitude. This can slow down flight attendants and make it harder for them to efficiently serve a plane full of thirsty passengers.

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