No injuries were reported in the incident, which surprised guests enjoying Halloween Horror Nights at the park

By Ashley Boucher
October 30, 2019 11:59 PM

Recent visitors to Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror nights experienced an unexpected scare.

Earlier this month, guests at the theme park were spooked when an errant food cart went flying down one of the escalators that connects the upper and lower levels of the park.

The surprising incident was caught on camera by one of the guests and later shared on Twitter. Someone can be heard saying, “What the f—?” as the food cart careens past them, tumbling all the way down to the lower level. An employee had reportedly lost control of the food cart at the top of the escalator, which sent it on its rough journey.

Onlookers standing on the neighboring escalators look shocked as it violently rolled by.

Thankfully, no one was injured, as the escalator that the food cart fell down looked empty in the footage — although some guests appear to run out of the way as it approached the bottom of the escalator.

A spokesperson for Universal told PEOPLE in a statement, “The team member did not follow procedures and the seriousness of this matter has been addressed. The safety and security of our guests and team members is of utmost importance.”

“After finishing the mazes on the lower lots, we got onto the escalators,” Annakin Jade, who captured the video, explained of witnessing the incident.

Food cart
| Credit: PeopleTV

“As we ascended, we heard loud bangs, and noticed girls on the escalator next to us running down, followed by a large piece of equipment quickly tumbling after them,” Jade continued. “After the equipment landed at the bottom, we noticed an employee sitting on the escalator step going down. I asked if she was okay, she smiled and said, ‘Yeah.'”

On Twitter, Jade shared the video with the caption, “witnessed someone almost get taken out by a refrigerator tumbling down the escalator omggg,” and later added in another tweet, “y’all think i’m playin.”

Universal Studios Hollywood has been hosting its annual Halloween Horror Nights, in which guests can stay late at the park to go through scary mazes and see characters dressed up in horror costumes.