And there are 10 colors to choose from.

By Stacey Leasca
August 06, 2019 10:17 AM
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Credit: Amazon

As any frequent flyer will tell you, having a sturdy luggage set is absolutely crucial for hassle-free traveling. But, just because it’s got to be reliable doesn’t mean it can’t be cute too. And that’s where Amazon’s best-selling luggage set comes in.

Coollife’s three-piece set is number one on Amazon’s list of luggage best sellers. The innovative brand is selling its three-piece set, which includes a 20-inch, 24-inch, and a 28-inch upright, for just under $140 as well as some four-piece sets for just under $170. When not in use, each suitcase can easily fit nestled inside the other, like a Russian Doll, to avoid taking up too much space.

The sleek pieces have spinner wheels for multidirectional use and come with ergonomic aluminum telescoping handles, both of which help travelers move about an airport with ease.

Inside, the bags are fully lined and come with an interior mesh zip pocket for extra storage. Those interested in adding a bit of security to their bags can even upgrade their purchase with a TSA-accepted lock.

And, as many reviewers note, the unique design and bright color options make the luggage easy to spot among the stream of bags at airports and other transportation hubs. The three-piece set comes in 10 colors, from bright apple green to sleek silver, with options in-between for every taste.

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Coolife Luggage 3-Piece Hardshell, Lightweight Suitcase Set, $139.99;

“Great quality and the color was awesome for recognizing my luggage from the rest. I got comments on my luggage from TSA agents all over the country saying they wouldn’t miss my luggage from a mile away and quick recognition and quality is what I was looking for and you delivered it with style,” one reviewer wrote.

In addition to the look of the suitcases, people love the sturdiness.

“This luggage is awesome,” another reviewer, who is one of over 1,000, wrote. “We went to Hawaii for 10 days [and it] held all of our items plus a few extras on the trip home. The suitcases are lightweight and roll with ease. I loved the zippered section, nothing fell out. The wheels roll well, especially in the busy airport. Outsides are very durable. You can pull the handle up and set your backpack or extra bags on top, nothing falls off. This is the best luggage I have owned so far.”

If you’re going on a trip soon or just need a little motivation to bite the bullet and buy a plane ticket, grab this luggage set before every other wanderluster catches on to the great deal and steals your thunder. With these pieces in tow, you can pack for a day, week, month, or a lifetime of traveling the globe.