See the Coolest Photos of Last Night's Super Worm Moon Across the Globe

The first supermoon of the year reached its peak on Monday, but it’ll still be visible in the sky until Wednesday

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A plane passes in front of the supermoon as seen from Curitiba, Brazil

Super moon

March's full moon, known as the Super Worm Moon, reached its peak on Tuesday 1:48pm E.T., according to the Farmer’s Almanac.

The March full moon is the first super moon of the year and will be followed by two more super moons in April and May.

The moon will continue to appear full until early Wednesday, according to NASA.

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The supermoon sitting above the Convent of Santa Cruz de la Popa, in Cartagena, Colombia

Super moon

Every month of the year has a full moon, and each has its own nickname.

Last month’s moon is known as the Snow Moon, while April’s moon is called the Pink Moon; May is the Flower Moon; June is the Strawberry moon and July; the Buck Moon.

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The moon seen behind the Statue of Liberty in New York City

Super moon

Each nickname corresponds with the season, and the naming traditions can often be traced back to Native American groups.

The Worm Moon is named for the time of year when the ground begins to thaw after the winter, which signified that earthworms will soon be visible.

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View of the Super Full Worm Moon in Santander, Spain

Super moon

A super moon occurs when the full moon — which is when the moon appears totally illuminated from Earth's perspective — coincides with the moon’s closest point of orbit in relation to the Earth.

The result is that a full moon looks larger and brighter than usual.

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The moon rising behind the spire of One World Trade Center in New York City

Super moon

The Worm Moon is the last moon before the spring equinox, which marks the start of the warmer months.

This year, the equinox will occur on March 19, 2020.

Learn more about the full Super Worm Moon, here.

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