Andy Richter Shuts Down Plane Passenger Who Put Bare Feet With 'Dirty Toes' on Seatback TV

When traveling, people are encouraged to remember an airplane is still a public space and should be treated as such

Andy Richter Twitter Foot Airplane
Photo: Andy Richter/Twitter; Inset: Jim Spellman/WireImage

Andy Richter was grossed out on a recent flight by a not-so-considerate fellow traveler.

The comedian and longtime sidekick to Conan O’Brien was not laughing when a man sitting next to him on his flight brought out his bare feet, and placed them on the seatback TV screen in front of him.

“So I snitched this f—– out to the flight attendant, who told him to put them down,” Richter shared on Twitter Sunday. But the situation didn’t end there. “[He] puts them back a few minutes later & I asked him to put them down, ‘They’re your bare feet, man.'”

“He was shocked & put them down,” Richter continued. “When he just put them back up I decided f— it, I’m tweeting.”

According to the comedian, the man continuously put his bare feet with “dirty toes” on the seat in front of him, regardless of requests to put them down, and smudged the TV screen on the back of the seat.

“We had to get off the plane because of lightning and there were dirty toes smudges where his feet were,” the Strangers with Candy star recounted. “I am not exaggerating. You could see the outline of his big toe, etc.”

Despite the comments, the man was seemingly oblivious to other passengers’ discomfort, and how his actions were not respectful airplane etiquette.

“The flight attendant came back right before we got off and asked him to take them down again. Guy did and asked ‘is that like a just-when-taxiing thing?’ Attendant: ‘no, it’s a basic airplane courtesy thing,'” Richter shared on Twitter. “Guy seemed surprised to hear that.”

Even a dog sitting near the man seemed bothered by his exposed feet, as pointed out by fellow comedian Nick Kroll, who responded to Richter’s tweet with a series of photos zooming in on the pet’s side eye.

Andy Richter Twitter Foot Airplane
Andy Richter/Twitter

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A very similar situation just last month drew public outrage. On that flight, a passenger managed to navigate through their touch-screen entertainment system with their bare toes.

In an article just a few days prior to Richter’s experience, The Washington Post spoke to a former flight attendant about proper airplane behavior for passengers.

“I think people are forgetting that they are still in a public environment,” Elaine Swann told the outlet. “We’re on the aircraft and it’s small. It feels very much like this is our own space. It’s not out and about, walking in the mall or what have you, but an airplane is still a public environment.”

She recommended that people traveling on airplanes treat the space the same they would at a doctor’s or dentist’s office, or the movie theater. Travelers should be aware that their actions affect the people around them, and be courteous of the limited space.

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