Americans Say They're So Excited to Travel Post-Pandemic They'll Spend $7,000 More on Vacations

According to a survey, 62% of those polled say that, since March 2020, what they want out of a real vacation has shifted significantly

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Things we considered mundane before the pandemic are now becoming the highlights of our weeks.

That's according to a new survey of 2,005 Americans which discovered that nearly a third (32%) say the simple chore of doing laundry has become a weekly high point. Sixty-nine percent say that after spending so much time indoors, any new experience at all feels like a thrill.

The study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Apple Vacations and Secrets Resorts & Spas aimed to examine just how cooped up people have been in the past year and discovered that 44% say grocery shopping is a surprisingly exciting moment in their lives.

Thirty-five percent of people even admitted that filling up their gas tank has now become a thrill.

The desire to find a sense of escapism during this time is important for many. Fifty-nine percent of respondents are at "the end of their ropes" with being stuck inside.

As a result, 62% of those polled say that, since March 2020, what they want out of a real vacation has shifted significantly.

As soon as people feel safe to travel, 56% say they will go on the longest vacation of their entire lives.

Sixty-seven percent of people cannot wait to experience new sights and sounds in person, and they are willing to shell out in order to do so.

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The average American is willing to spend nearly $7,000 just to finally get the chance to travel again.

As people slowly begin to reintroduce themselves to society in a safe way, three in five are eager to finally have the opportunity to travel with friends and family as soon as lockdown measures are lifted.

Because of the pandemic, 59% say they've been bit by the travel bug — wanting to travel a lot more frequently than ever before.

Despite the desire to get away, over half (51%) only plan on traveling to places where COVID-19 tests are readily available.

Additionally, 56% of people plan on getting the vaccine as soon as they can just so they can finally travel.

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