"I’m miserable, I’m crying, I’m freaking out," the dog's owner told a local news outlet

By Madison Roberts
May 03, 2019 01:44 PM
Robert Alexander/Getty

When one woman began her journey from San Francisco to Raleigh, N.C. with a layover in Chicago she expected her dog Roast Beast to be waiting for her when she got off the plane, as he had been flying in the cargo hold.

However, according to the Philly Voice, when Amber Dalton arrived at the airport, she was informed that her flight from Chicago would not be able to safely transport an animal. So the team came up with a plan to fly her to Dallas on a different aircraft that could accommodate pets and then continue on to Raleigh.

When Dalton arrived in Raleigh, she claims she waited for over an hour for Roast Beast, but he never showed up, despite a scan indicating that he was on the flight from Dallas.

“At this point, I’m getting really upset because this is twice that my dog should have landed and it’s been over an hour and he’s still not here,” Dalton told News 10 in Virginia.

Airport officials then reportedly discovered that the pup had been accidentally placed on a nonstop flight to Philadelphia.

“I’m miserable, I’m crying, I’m freaking out,” Dalton told the local news outlet. “I’m thinking any number of things could’ve happened to him. It’s horrible,” she continued. “And they don’t want to help you because you’re upset, but I am upset because you’ve lost my dog and you’re treating it like lost baggage.”

Once they discovered the mix up, and were able to safely locate Roast Beast at the Philadelphia airport, an American Airlines employee drove the dog down to Roanoke, Virginia, where Dalton lives.

According to News 10, American Airlines refunded Dalton’s baggage and pet transport fees and gave her a free flight voucher to use in the future.

A spokesperson for American Airlines tells PEOPLE they have since apologized for the incident.

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“American Airlines takes the well-being of our four-legged passengers very seriously,” the spokesperson said. “As a result, we weren’t able to reunite a checked pet with their owner as planned on Tuesday, following a trip from San Francisco (SFO) to Raleigh-Durham (RDU). To ensure the safety and health of animals we transport, our policies regulate the types of aircraft, weather conditions and locations that can be used.”

“A conflict in our customer’s routing and safety policies caused us to reroute their dog on another type of aircraft through Philadelphia, where it stayed overnight at a local pet hotel before being flown to RDU on Wednesday morning,” they continued. “The customer’s dog was then driven by our team to Ms. Dalton.”

“Our customer care team has been in regular communication with Ms. Dalton,” the spokesperson concluded. “We know it’s frustrating when our customers’ travel doesn’t go as planned and apologize for the inconvenience. Safety of all our customers is our top priority. More information on our pet travel policies can be found online.”