A fellow passenger documented the incident on Twitter

By Madison Roberts
February 19, 2019 03:15 PM

An Air France passenger gave new meaning to maximizing comfort when he reportedly took off his pants on the plane, horrifying fellow travelers.

According to Lizzie Thompson, who was a passenger on the flight from Paris to Los Angeles, and documented the incident on Twitter, the unnamed man went into the bathroom after he boarded, removed his pants off, and returned to the cabin in only boxer shorts.

“The man in the seat across from me has taken HIS PANTS OFF for the flight and is just in his boxers,” Thompson wrote. “Flight attendants seem unconcerned. This is going to be a long flight @AirFranceFR #CDG to #LAX.”

However, the man, who Thompson says was neither American or French, didn’t stop there on his quest for comfort, and according to Thompson, “he also removed his socks.”

Then, Thompson claims, another passenger boarded the flight with a ukulele, and the pants-less man began yelling to him that they should sing together.

“He just shouted at a man who boarded with a ukulele (also have questions) to COME SIT WITH ME AND MAKE SOME MUSIC,” she wrote. “Wtf is going on.”

She later clarified that “no ukulele was played, sadly.”

After Thompson alerted a male crew member, she says the flight attendant offered to move her set, but that would have meant losing the extra legroom in her bulkhead seat. However, Thompson notes that when she suggested the attendant simply ask the man to put his pants back on, he “just shrugged” in response.

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Thompson provided additional details about the incident, including that the passenger stood up and took four mini bottles of wine from the beverage cart nearly two hours into the transatlantic journey before falling asleep. Six hours in, Thompson says, he “got cold so PUT ON HIS PUFFY JACKET” but refrained from putting his pants back on.

Some time before landing, Thompson claims the man put his pants back on in the aisle right next to her.

“Finally, his pants went back on,” she wrote. “Good news: nothing bonds a group of passengers like a man half naked in your section. Shout out to the flight attendant who slipped me extra wine and did keep checking in to make sure I was good.”

Air France did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment, but responded to Thompson’s initial tweet, writing, “Hi Lizzie_Thompson, Thank you for your tweet, we have forwarded your feedback to the relevant department. Thank you.”