"We told her there was no milk in the baby bag so she got out the pool and took herself to the bar," says her dad

By Hannah Chubb
September 04, 2019 12:44 PM
Ben Anderson/Instagram

It’s tough to be a three-year-old — just ask this adorable little girl who really needed a glass of milk on vacation.

Ben Anderson, a dad of three from the U.K., took to Twitter last week to share a hilarious video he captured of his daughter Myla stealing hearts at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, a resort in Croatia where his family was on vacation.

In the video, Myla can be seen sitting confidently on a chair by the resort’s outdoor bar, waiting patiently with her chin in her hand as she watches the bartender fix her a drink. At one point, she nods casually in response to a question from the bartender.

“My daughter is actually something else,” Ben captioned the video on Twitter. “We told her there was no milk in the baby bag so she got out the pool and took herself to the bar to go and ask for some and the bar staff actually served her a glass.”

He continued the hilarious story in the comment section: “According to one of the ladies in the video she went over and first asked for a bottle of milk but the lady said they only had glasses and Myla said ‘a glass is fine.’”

Ben told Metro UK that Myla was more than pleased when she finally received the beverage she was craving, carrying it back to her two other siblings, Arlo and Esmé, who were still sitting poolside.

“The bartender was so good with her, gave her the milk and helped her down off the barstool and didn’t charge us for it,” he said. “Myla strutted back to the pool looking all smug because she’d got what she wanted.”

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With over 1.3 million views, 21.8k retweets and 85.3k likes, Twitter can’t get enough of this tot’s suave sass and cool confidence.

“Raising her right. She knows if she want it to depend on herself to get it!!” Twitter user @HonestlyCrzy commented on the video. “A real boss – we stan… poor girl looks like she’s got the world on her shoulders lol,” added @ToluTWilliams.

Apparently, her dad can’t get enough of it either, telling Metro UK, “I can’t stop laughing at her facial expressions the more I watch this back!”