Meet the 21 Actors Making Their Broadway Debuts in Hugh Jackman's 'The Music Man'

The new Broadway revival of The Music Man, starring Hugh Jackman, has quickly become one of the must-see shows on the Great White Way. PEOPLE got the chance to hear from 21 cast members who are making their Broadway debuts alongside the X-Men star

The Music Man Wintergarden Theatre
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The Music Man
Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster in The Music Man. Julieta Cervantes

Meredith Wilson's The Music Man revival opened on Broadway in February, and features Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster, alongside a crop of exciting newcomers. Hear from 21 of their costars about what their Broadway debuts means to them.

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Audrey Cardwell, 32

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 10: Audrey Cardwell attends the opening night of "The Music Man" at Winter Garden Theatre on February 10, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)
Arturo Holmes/Getty

"My Broadway debut has been magical. I'm infinitely grateful to be here. I'm so glad I didn't give up all those times I wanted to."

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Aydin Eyikan, 18

Aydin Eyikan
Courtesy of Aydin Eyikan

"Making my Broadway debut in The Music Man has been the most surreal and joyous experience of my life. It means the world to me to perform every night surrounded by so many artists who inspire me daily and push me to be the best I can be. I could not think of a better group of people to begin my Broadway journey with."

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Benjamin Pajak, 11

Benjamin Pajak
Courtesy of Benjamin Pajak

"When we stepped into the Winter Garden for the first time, everybody in the cast started to cry - it was so emotional to think that this was really happening. I can't tell you how grateful and honored I am, every time I get to go through that stage door. I feel this crazy energy inside, and it feels so good! Also there is a calm feeling when I step on the stage - this place feels like home."

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Daniel Patrick Russell

Daniel Patrick Russell
Courtesy of Daniel Patrick Russell

"When Broadway shut down two years ago and The Music Man got postponed, it became crystal clear that we cannot take anything for granted. I feel very fortunate that I get to do this."

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Drew Minard, 21

Drew Minard
Courtesy of Drew Minard

"The realization of such a dream only happens a few times in one's life and it has totally exceeded my expectations! I have learned more than I ever could have imagined about myself and the art of musical theatre and it has assured me that I want to do this forever."

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Emily Jewel Hoder, 10

Emily Hoder
Courtesy of Emily Hoder

"I'm so excited to be making my Broadway debut in The Music Man! It feels very special to be bringing Broadway back and to see all the smiling faces in the audience!"

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Emma Crow, 17

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 10: Emma Crow attends the opening night of "The Music Man" at Winter Garden Theatre on February 10, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)
Arturo Holmes/Getty

"Making my Broadway debut in The Music Man is an honor, especially being cast as the first black Zaneeta Shinn. I'm incredibly grateful to be able to learn from talents such as Hugh Jackman, Sutton Foster, Jefferson Mays and so many other Broadway legends in this cast. It has truly been a dream come true!"

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Ethan Lafazan, 13

Ethan Lafazan
Amanda Manthey

"It means I have accomplished something that I have dreamed of doing for years!"

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Carlee Flanagan, 12

Garrett McGuinness

"Making my Broadway debut in The Music Man is so unbelievably amazing on so many levels; but to do so with super stars Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster is something I never ever imagined, nor will I never forget."

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Gino Cosculluela, 21

music man cast
Gino Cosculluela

"It means the world to me to be surrounded by the most talented people in this industry, and to be led by the greatest inspirations and role models an actor could have is so surreal."

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Ethan Green-Younger, 11

Courtesy of Green Younger

"Being on Broadway means the world to me. It is a dream come true! We work hard, but the reward is so amazing."

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Jordan Beall, 28

Jordan Beall
Courtesy of Jordan Beall

"It is truly surreal! I pinch myself every time I see the marquee on my walk to the theater. Knowing my hard work and dedication has paid off and being part of bringing the heartbeat back to New York City is a wonderful feeling that I will never take for granted."

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JT Church, 16

JT Church
Courtesy of JT Church

"Making my Broadway Debut in The Music Man is a dream come true. It is such a privilege for me to get to work and learn from the talented individuals that make up this cast and crew! There is nothing like performing in front of a live audience, and I cherish every moment I get to be on that stage!"

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Kammie Crum, 20

Kammie Crum
Courtesy of Kammie Crum

"Getting to be a part of an original Broadway cast for my Broadway debut has been the most incredible experience. The cast is so supportive and the joy we get to tell every night is something I will never forget. It has been an absolute dream!"

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Kayla Teruel, 12

Kayla T
Courtesy of Kayla T

"Making my Broadway debut was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. It's like a dream come true! I've waited almost 3 years for this moment and to be finally living it was so emotional."

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Kayla LaVine, 17

Kayla LaVine
Courtesy of Kayla LaVine

"I am so grateful to be making my Broadway debut with so many other amazingly talented debuts, as well as being able to learn from the legendary cast of Broadway Veterans on The Music Man!"

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Mitchell Tobin

Mitchell Tobin.
Courtesy Mitchell Tobin

"It means the world to me to be apart of this company, making my Broadway debut with this cast is something I'll never forget."

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Nick Alvino, 21

Nick Alvino
Courtesy of Nick Alvino

"Having a dream come true is a gift because it allows you to dream even bigger. Making my debut with this incredible company has been more amazing than anything I could've wished for, and I am truly grateful."

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Ronnie S. Bowman Jr., 26

Ronnie Bowman
Courtesy of Ronnie Bowman

"Making my Broadway Debut in The Music Man is evidence of prayer and a lot of hard work. This is a lifelong dream that is now a reality, and I am grateful to be a part of this show. "

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Tanner Quirk, 15

Tanner Quirk
Kyle Froman

"Growing up in NYC, I would go to the theater and dream of being on stage so making my Broadway debut in this beautiful production of The Music Man is just pure joy."

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William Colin, 12

William Thomas Colin

"I can't believe I made my Broadway Debut at the age 12. It is literally a DREAM come true! I get to do what I love every night on the Broadway stage!"

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