Patti Lupone Lets Fans into Her At-Home Lockers for Her 71st Birthday: 'I'm a Little Hungover'

After giving fans a tour of her basement, Patti Lupone is giving an inside look into her lockers

Patti Lupone
Photo: Patti Lupone/Twitter

Patti Lupone is giving fans a look inside her at-home lockers.

The famed Broadway star celebrated her 71st birthday on Tuesday and shared a video of herself on Twitter “a little hungover” on Wednesday.

“Hello quaran-twitters, yesterday was my birthday and I’m a little hungover,” Lupone said in the video.

The peformer then went to her desk and tapped on a doll of a Jewish rabbi that sang “Hava Nagila,” a Jewish song of celebration usually played at weddings or bar mitzvahs, as she began to dance the Hora.

After the brief dance, Lupone approached a set of lockers and said, “So you wanna know what’s in the lockers?”

Opening one, she pulled out a red baseball cap and face net, saying, “For when it’s No-See-Um season,” referring to the pesky mosquitoes.

As she opened more lockers, Lupone pulled out what appeared to be a Tony Award, looked at it, shrugged and placed it back inside before moving on to the next locker.

The two-time Tony Award winner then opened a locker with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a small bong and simply said, “Needs no explanation.”

As she played the “Hava Nagila” again, she turned to the camera and said, “Thank you for all the birthday wishes.”

The tour of her lockers comes a month after the star shared a tour of her eclectic basement where she keeps a working jukebox, dozens of clapperboards from her films and shelves of records.

Lupone’s birthday comes amid the debut of the trailer for her latest project, Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood, in which she plays a studio head.

The star tweeted the trailer when it debuted on Twitter, writing, “In @hollywoodnetflx I play the head of a Movie Studio for the big screen, that comes out on May 1st on the small screen, which in quarantine you can watch on your computer screen!”

Hollywood begins streaming on Netflix on May 1.

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