"Be grateful for all the blessings you have," she wrote
Amanda Kloots and nick
Amanda Kloots, Nick Cordero and son Elvis Eduardo
| Credit: Amanda Kloots/ Instagram

After husband Nick Cordero's death from coronavirus complications in July, Amanda Kloots is sharing what she learned in 2020 as the year comes to a close.

Sharing a touching message on Instagram, the late Broadway star's wife wrote an optimistic message about finding a "gift" in the "hard days" and years.

"Find the lessons from each day so you can learn and grow," the 38-year-old captioned a photoshopped photo of the family of three walking away from the camera in an empty field. "What I’ve learned this year... Don't wish time away. Time is precious. Make every day count."

"Be grateful for every day here on this Earth," she added. "Be grateful for all the blessings you have. Take that family photo. Say I love you. Make the phone call. Forgive. Pray and believe. Get back up again. Take one day at a time."

The mother of 1 ½-year-old Elvis Eduardo continued by encouraging her followers to "live your life."

"Hug someone if you can. Give to people in need. Help others," she wrote. "Don’t wait till tomorrow to do something."

The fitness instructor ended her post by thanking everyone "who supported me" during 2020.

"Thank you for everything you taught me," she wrote. "I wish you all a very healthy, safe and Happy New Year ❤️."

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On Christmas day last week, Kloots similarly reflected on her year "filled with loss."

"I have found that focusing on what I do have as helped me tremendously. I start the day with a positive thought and go to sleep counting my blessings," she wrote on Instagram. "It isn’t always easy, but it always helps. Gratitude breeds optimism. I would say too, don’t wish time away. Time is precious, even when it’s hard."

"I love this picture of my family last Christmas. It was undoubtedly my favorite Christmas I can remember," she added. "Elvis was just six months old, our little Christmas gift from God. We were so excited to be together for the holidays."

Cordero died at age 41 in early July after spending more than three months in the hospital following complications due to the coronavirus. The two had been married since September 2017.