Amanda Kloots Reveals Vase She and Son Elvis Made Using Her Late Husband Nick Cordero's Ashes

"I intend to always keep flowers in this vase, reminding me of Nick every time I look at it," Amanda Kloots wrote

amanda kloots
Amanda Kloots. Photo: amanda kloots/instagram. Inset: Getty Images

Amanda Kloots is opening up about the vase she had made using late husband Nick Cordero's ashes — one that sweetly features her and her son Elvis Eduardo's handprints.

Sharing a photo of the sentimental memento of Cordero to her Instagram Friday, Kloots, 38, wrote in the caption, "My beautiful vase that Elvis and I made with some of Nicks ashes is done! I cannot believe how it turned out."

"Elvis and I put our handprints into the clay before it was fired," she said, before adding that actress Emily Tyra's RareBird Ceramics then "glazed the vase and added the heart design."

Kloots said that she plans "to always keep flowers in this vase," and added that the budding plants will continue "reminding me of Nick every time I look at it."

And while Kloots and Elvis, 16 months, will be reminded of Nick with their handmade vase, Elvis is already taking after his late father and stepping into his footsteps as a performer.

Kloots shared a video on Instagram Tuesday of Elvis wearing tap shoes and a black-and-white onesie covered in music notes. After Kloots encourages him to "tap, tap, tap" off-camera, the tiny tot mimics her rhythm with his feet.

"That was so good!" Kloots encourages Elvis in the video.

"His first time in tap shoes and he mimics a rhythm!" Kloots gushed in the caption of the post. "I couldn’t be prouder of my boy!"

"Stage mom here I come 😂😂" Kloots added.

Kloots recently opened up to PEOPLE about how her son helps her deal with her grief at the loss of husband Cordero, 41, in July to complications from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

"Thank god I have a little piece of my husband," Kloots said earlier this month of her son. "Anytime I'm sad, he brightens my mood in two seconds. He looks at me with his big smile and his little teeth, and I'm instantly transported into a different mood."

amanda kloots
Amanda Kloots and son Elvis Eduardo. amanda kloots/instagram

The fitness instructor said that she can already see similarities between Elvis and his dad.

"He is calm and cool and gets along with everybody. I think that's very much Nick," she said. "We have this beautiful little boy that we created together. I love watching him grow, and I know Nick is watching him too."

Kloots has been taking Elvis on adventures every weekend and recently discovered a new hobby for the toddler (in addition to tap dancing!) — horseback riding.

Earlier this month, Kloots said that Elvis is "such a little cowboy," sharing photos from his first time on a horse. "Turns out Elvis loves horses as much as his mommy!" she previously said.

Prior to his death, Cordero had been in the intensive care unit at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for more than 90 days due to complications related to coronavirus.

During his 13-week hospitalization, the Broadway star faced a series of unpredictable complications that led to septic shock and required him to have his right leg amputated.

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