Amanda Kloots Reflects on Her Last Christmas with Late Husband Nick Cordero and Their Son Elvis

Nick Cordero died in July due to coronavirus complications

nick cordero and amanda kloots
Amanda Kloots, Nick Cordero and their son Elvis. Photo: Ashley Becker

Amanda Kloots will be celebrating the holidays for the first time without her husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero, who died on July 5 from coronavirus complications at the age of 41.

On Saturday, Kloots, 38, shared a photo of Cordero with their 1½-year-old son, Elvis Eduardo, from last year's Christmas.

“One of my favorite pictures of Nick and Elvis,” she captioned the sweet photo of Cordero holding young Elvis. “This was last Christmas. My family flew down to South Carolina and had a very Hallmark style Christmas at the @montagepalmettobluff 🎄 I’ll never forget it. Hug your loved ones close guys.”

Earlier this month, the fitness instructor, who was also recently announced as a new co-host on The Talk, shared another photo of Cordero with Elvis, writing in the caption, "A year ago."

"My boys sleeping together," she wrote alongside the picture of the father-son duo taking a nap. "I loved finding them like this, all snuggled up together napping."

Kloots went on to emphasize the seriousness of the novel coronavirus, telling her followers, "I still can’t believe there are people that believe this disease is a hoax, something that won’t happen to them."

"COVID doesn’t care how old you are or if your [sic] a new dad and husband," she wrote. "When my heart breaks it's because of seeing pictures like this, what Elvis will miss in his life because Nick is gone. Please wear a mask and take this seriously as the numbers rise daily."

In October, Kloots opened up to PEOPLE about how grateful she is to have Elvis, who is “a little piece” of Cordero.

"Thank God I have a little piece of my husband," she said. "Anytime I'm sad, he brightens my mood in two seconds. He looks at me with his big smile and his little teeth, and I'm instantly transported into a different mood."

At the time, Kloots said she could already see the similarities between her son and late husband.

"He is calm and cool and gets along with everybody. I think that's very much Nick," she shared. "We have this beautiful little boy that we created together. I love watching him grow, and I know Nick is watching him too."

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