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Alyssa Fox to assume the role of Elphaba in ‘Wicked’
Broadway's First Asian American Elphaba Lands Role After First Audition for 'Wicked' 15 Years Ago Monica Bellucci in Maria Callas
Monica Bellucci Takes on Her First Stage Show as Opera Legend Maria Callas: 'Beauty Deserves Risks'
Hailee Kaleem Wright (Catherine of Aragon, center) with (l-r) Nasia Thomas (Anna of Cleves), Leandra Ellis-Gaston (Anne Boleyn), Bella Coppola (Jane Seymour), Taylor Iman Jones (Catherine Parr), & Zoe Jensen (Katherine Howard); Hailee Kaleem Wright - Photo Credit Denita Turner
Once She Was Homeless — Now Hailee Kaleem Wright Is a Broadway Star: 'It's Taken a Lot of Strength'

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