All the news (and the latest scoop) you want is now at your fingertips!

By Char Adams
November 21, 2016 08:05 AM

PEOPLE is your one-stop shop for all the latest news, trending topics and celebrity scoop. And now, PEOPLE is getting personal with its new Bot on Facebook Messenger – which can deliver personalized news to readers whenever and wherever they want it.

PEOPLE is teaming up with Outbrain for Chat to engage readers in a “more personalized and intimate manner,” Suejin Yang, PEOPLE’s Digital Entertainment General Manager, says.

“PEOPLE is interested in reaching our audience with smart, distinctive experiences, wherever they are,” she says.

  • Check out PEOPLE’s Facebook Messenger Bot here.

Here are five things you need to know about PEOPLE’s new Bot:


1. First Thing’s First, What’s a Bot, Anyway?

A Bot is an app that interacts with users automatically. PEOPLE’s Bot works through Facebook Messenger – just type a message and you’ll get a response!

2. PEOPLE’s Bot Is Your Own Personal Editor

You can talk to PEOPLE’s Bot just like it’s your own personal editor. Want to know what Taylor Swift is up to or the latest on the Sexiest Man Alive? Ask and you shall receive!

3. The Bot Adapts to Your Interests

Bots are smart. The program will observe your interests based on your use of the program and display the news that’s most important to you. From Hillary Clinton to Khloè Kardashian, the stories you want to see will be right at your fingertips.

4. You Can Check Out the Latest – and Hottest – Scoop

The “Trending Now” tab allows you to stay up-to=date on the most attention-grabbing news at any moment. By clicking the always-appropriate ? emoji, you can instantly see the hottest news of the day. You can also search by section – from celebrity to true crime and TV news.

5. You Can “Like” Stories Right from the Messenger Bot

It wouldn’t be Facebook without a “like” button, right? When you pull up your favorite news stories, you can simply click the “like” button and the Bot will bring up more stories based on your interests.

BONUS: There’s a “Just for You” Tab – Because We Care

As if the Bot wasn’t personalized enough, a simple click of the “Just for You” button will display a bevy of stories that suit your unique interests.