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This Viral Sunset Lamp from Amazon Will Bring Golden Hour to Your Home 

It’s only $40
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Very few things are more beautiful to watch than a warm, bright sunset. Yet, depending on where you live, getting a view of that gorgeous sunset glow isn't always promised. What if we told you that you could bring the sunset wherever you are? Well, you can, and you have TikTok to thank for that. Over the past couple of weeks, sunset projection lamps have gone viral on the app. Apart from the radiant orange, pink, and yellow hues that they cast in your room, the lights are extremely flattering for photos. The GoRuby Sunset Projection Lamp which retails for $40, is one of the more affordable options, and over 100 customers agree that it's worth it. 

The lamp is small and lightweight and built with a stable base for secure stationing. One of the reasons people love it so much is because you can rotate it up to 90 degrees to shed light on different areas from several different angles. You can also adjust the size of the "sun," or as the brand calls it, the "halo," to make it bigger or smaller by rotating the lamp. 

Eternal Sunset Projection Lamp
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! GoRuby Sunset Projection Lamp, $39.99;

Several different TikTok users have shared how they display the lamp in their own rooms, giving audiences a look at how it really does change the ambiance. For example, one user left the lamp looking straight ahead to create a warm yellow glow in their room shining across one entire wall. Others have used the opportunity to pose for selfies and mirror photos, with a more romantic background thanks to the lamp. 

It operates on a USB power source and includes a cable with an easy on/off switch. The projection stretches out to about 1.5 meters so you have optimal room to find your angles and favorite placing points. 

Bring the sunset to your home with the GoRuby Sunset Projection Lamp on Amazon

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