TikTok's Bryce Hall Is 'Loving' Being 'Single' Despite Dating Rumors as He Isolates in Sway House

Bryce Hall is part of the creative collective Sway House along with fellow social media star Josh Richards

Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall. Photo: Bryce Hall/ Instagram

Bryce Hall is just fine riding solo for now.

The TikTok star opened up about his relationship status to PEOPLE, revealing that he’s currently not seeing anyone — despite rumors that he’s dating fellow social media star Addison Easterling.

“I’m single and I’m loving it,” Hall tells PEOPLE. “I can do relationships or I can be single. It just depends on how I’m feeling.”

Hall, 20, and Easterling previously admitted to “talking on and off” earlier this year, but later denied that they were dating. But after Hall posted a cryptic tweet about missing someone earlier this month, fans began speculating that the message was meant for Easterling.

Hall, who has 5.3 million TikTok followers, says there are definitely downsides to dating in the public eye.

“The only thing with the online relationships is that it’s all public,” he says. “So anything, any little drama that a normal couple off of social media could deal with, it’s all for the public eye. And that’s the only thing that sucks.”

He continues: “Especially when there’s confusion in relationships when you can usually talk to your other person and get it all settled. When it’s public, it’s kind of hard, especially with guys and girls, us both being immature. We’ll tweet about it, subtweet, and be, ‘I could’ve did so much better,’ or something like that.”

But single or not, Hall doesn’t have much time for dating at the moment. He’s currently social-distancing in the Los Angeles creative collective known as Sway House amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The house consists of six social media stars — Hall, Josh Richards, Anthony Reeves, Jaden Hossler, Kio Cyr and Griffin Johnson — who live together while producing viral moments on TikTok and YouTube.

“We stay in the house a lot to make content,” Richards, 18, tells PEOPLE. “The only thing that changed [after lockdown] was that we would probably be doing more vacations or going to different states for content, and doing meet-and-greets and touring. But now we can’t do that.”

While the boys admit that creating content is “harder” under the stay-at-home order, they say it’s helping them push the boundaries of their creativity in order to keep their followers entertained and engaged.

“This is what’s testing creators the most actually right now,” says Hall.

“Before we wouldn’t even need to have an idea. We would just go out in public and the video would come,” adds Richards. “Now we have to put more thought into it, but it’s a fun challenge. It’s just about making sure that you don’t lose that creativity.”

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