Aidan Jackson of England was playing an online game with an American friend when he had a seizure

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A British teen playing an online video game was reportedly saved by a friend, living thousands of miles away, when he suddenly had a medical emergency.

Aidan Jackson of Widnes, England, was chatting with a gaming friend online when he suffered a seizure while alone in his bedroom, according to the BBC. With Aidan’s parents downstairs, the only person aware that the 17 year old was in danger was the friend on the other side of his headset.

But that friend, Dia Lathora, was more than 5,000 miles away in Texas.

Knowing she had to do something, the quick-thinking 20 year old found a phone number to police in the United Kingdom and alerted them to the situation.

While speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Lathora said she couldn’t see that Aidan was having a seizure but recognized it from what she was able to hear through her receiver.

“I just put my headset back on and I heard what I could only describe as a seizure, so obviously I started to get worried and immediately started asking what was going on and if he was okay,” she recalled.

“When he didn’t respond I instantly started to look up the emergency number for the EU,” Lathora continued. “When that didn’t work I just had to hope the non-emergency would work, it had an option for talking to a real person… and I can’t tell you how quickly I clicked that button.”

Seizures are sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbances in the brain that can cause changes to one’s behavior, movements, feelings and levels of consciousness, according to Mayo Clinic.

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A short time later, police surprised Aidan’s parents by appearing at their doorstep.

“We were at home watching TV and Aidan was upstairs in his room,” Aidan’s mother, Caroline Jackson, told the BBC. “The next thing we noticed was two police cars outside with flashing lights.”

“I assumed they were in the area for another reason and then they ran up to the front door,” she said.

Caroline was surprised when police told her a call from overseas alerted them to an emergency at her address.

“They said there was an unresponsive male at the address,” she recalled. “We said we hadn’t called anyone and they said a call had come from America. I immediately went to check on Aidan and found him extremely disorientated.”

According to the BBC, Aidan is now recovering and is currently waiting to see a doctor after this seizure episode.

“We are extremely thankful for what Dia did and shocked that we could be downstairs and not know anything was happening,” Caroline said. “I’ve spoken to her and expressed our thanks — she’s just glad she could help.”