Amazon launched pre-orders for 10 new devices today, including its new wireless, Alexa-compatible earbuds

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Echo Buds Amazon Earbuds
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Watch out, Kindles and Echos — there’s a new Amazon gadget that’s about to take over.

Amazon just announced the launch of its new wireless earbuds, Echo Buds, which are now available for pre-order and will ship out in October. The new Alexa-compatible earbuds are just under $130, making them cheaper than Apple’s popular AirPods, and feature Bose’s active noise reduction.

Amazon Echo Buds

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The retailer tapped Bose to develop truly wireless earbuds that would quiet background noise. “When talking with customers, something came back consistently. Easy-to-use noise cancellation was critical,” the retailer stated in a press release. “We’re excited to be working with Bose to incorporate Bose Active Noise Reduction technology into Echo Buds for customers.”

And just like Amazon’s many other devices, the earbuds feature built-in microphones that connect you with Alexa, making it easy to ask for directions, stream music, listen to audiobooks, make a phone call, or set a timer with just your voice.

The new fast-charging, sweat-resistant Echo Buds provide up to five hours of power on a single charge, and also come with a sleek charging case that provides 20 total hours of power. Plug them in for just 15 minutes, and they’ll be set for two hours.

The buds are just one of the many new Amazon devices that were just announced. The retailer is also launching a new Echo ring and eyeglasses, among other new gadgets, that are all available for preorder today:

Amazon’s New Echo and Alexa Devices 2019

Most of the new gadgets will ship out in October, but don’t let that stop you from treating yourself today. Go ahead and add them to your cart if you want to be one of the first to see and use them in just a few weeks.