Preorders for Microsoft's new Xbox Series X console went up on Tuesday, but orders for its older console, the Xbox One X, seemed to increase on Amazon on the same day
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New XBox Series X and XBox Series
Credit: XBox

It's been quite the week for gamers around the country with retailers launching their preorders for the newest consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

Nearly a week after preorders for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 were made available through retailers including Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Amazon, Microsoft followed suit by allowing gamers to place orders for two of its upcoming consoles — the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, which are successors to its previous consoles, the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

Confused? Well, you may not be the only one.

According to a screenshot posted to Twitter of Amazon's “Movers & Shakers” sales chart on Tuesday, sales of the Xbox One X — remember, that's the old model — were up 747 percent, landing it at No. 4 on the list.

Gamers on social media quickly began speculating that parents hoping to secure a new console for their children may have confused either the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S with the Xbox One X, thanks to Microsoft's naming convention.

"I think going the way they did was sloppy at best," Twitter user Andrew Alerts, who posted the original screenshot, said of the consoles' names.

New XBox Series X and XBox Series
Xbox Series X
| Credit: XBox
New XBox Series X and XBox Series
Xbox Series S
| Credit: XBox

"We saw how confused the market was with Wii and Wii U," he added, referencing two of Nintendo's previous consoles, which were similarly criticized for their names. "Even something like Xbox Series R and Series S would have been better than including the same letter they had in the previous generation."

As The Verge notes, the Xbox One X's 747 percent surge up Amazon's chart on Tuesday does not represent its increase in sales, but how much it moved up the list, so it remains unclear just how many units were actually sold on Tuesday.

Now that it's been established that the Xbox One X is the older edition, what are the differences between this year's Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X?

In short, the Xbox Series X is the larger, more powerful console between the two and retails for $499. It comes in black and allows for 4K gaming, and gamers can purchase physical games from retailers or buy them digitally.

The Series S, on the other hand, is the choice for cost-conscious gamers. Retailing at $299, the console is slimmer, outputs 1440p instead of 4K, and does not come with a disk-drive, so players will have to buy their games digitally. It only comes in white.

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Both consoles will be released in North America on Nov. 10.

Sony's PlayStation 5 — while having a more traditional naming scheme compared to the new Xbox consoles — also comes in two editions.

Launching Nov. 12, the PlayStation 5 retails for $499, while its cheaper option, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, costs $100 less at $399, and only plays digital games.