Shoppers Call This Best-Selling Solar-Powered Charger a 'Lifesaver' — and It's Just $25 Right Now

“I take this everywhere”

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Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger
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Anyone who loves camping, backpacking, or road trips is probably no stranger to heading off on an adventure and realizing too late there's no way for them to charge their phone in case of emergency. Even on a long day at the beach or park, phones often run out of battery well before you're ready to head back to an outlet and charge up.

The surprisingly simple solution is a solar power bank, a genius tool not enough people have discovered and put to work yet. Luckily, the Blavor Solar Power Bank Portable Charger is on sale at Amazon for just $25 right now (once you apply a coupon), so it's the perfect time to try it yourself.

It's easier to ask, what can't this thing handle, as opposed to what it can. Built to be extremely durable, it's waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. That means you can easily bring the charger to the beach or the river, and not worry if it takes a little tumble from your backpack.

The solar paneling charges up whenever it's being hit by the sun's rays, so you can set it out at your campsite, or on your dashboard while you drive, or strap it to the outside of your backpack and know you're getting it powered up while you enjoy the day. Then, when your device runs out of battery, plug into one of the three ports and charge up (or use them all at once).

Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger

Buy It! Blavor Solar Power Bank Portable Charger, $25.49 with coupon (orig. $44.99);

This "lifesaver" portable charger, which has more than 23,000 perfect ratings from Amazon shoppers, offers you total peace of mind, knowing even on long backpacking trips with no outlets to be found, you can still get your phone charged up so you have it accessible in case of an emergency. To really enhance the safety features, it's also equipped with a bright flashlight and a removable compass. It's compatible with any standard charging cables and phones — not to mention equipped with wireless charging options too.

Keep in mind, it's wise to juice up the portable charger at home via a typical cable before your trip so you don't have to rely fully on the sun in case you do hit some cloudy days — the solar charging is a great support, but won't work as quickly.

Shoppers are huge fans of this "versatile product." One five-star reviewer commented on both the durability of the design, as well as it being made from "non-slip material that allows the product to stay in your pocket without having to worry about it falling out."

Another reviewer, like many, attested to how practical it was to have on a long backwoods camping trip: "I was able to clip it to the outside of my pack without being worried [about] it getting wet or bumped around." They also added, "it always had plenty of energy and with the wireless charging I didn't need to bring any additional cables."

And as an additional shopper simply put it: "I take this everywhere."

Grab your own Blavor Solar Power Bank while it's still on sale for just $25, and you'll be ready for all your adventures to come.

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